dream time

by Diane Bellchambers

Diane Bellchambers    

Our dream expert unveils the meaning of your dreams

Sometimes dreams can seem very bizarre and we can easily dismiss them. However, when we can read the dream language we can understand the story and see the message. We can then choose to benefit from our dream’s pearls of wisdom.

Here’s an example:
There are two camps each in the process of trying to discover a new theory of movement. However neither camp has perfected it yet.
Aliens invade the building I’m in and drug everyone they find. The people turn into zombies.
I run and hide. I hear the aliens going back over transcripts they’ve found trying to discover who said what to whom.

This was a frightening nightmare and appears bizarre at first glance. But when we analyze the dream it makes perfect sense.
The dreamer was considering relocating but the jury is still out. In other words, she was in two minds about whether to move (hence two camps exploring the theory of movement).
She was being invaded by a malevolent force or allowing her fears to overcome her. This was robbing her of the opportunity to think for herself and see the situation clearly.

The dream is suggesting that this fear is being fed by her over analytical mind or analyzing everything in too much detail. The dream’s advice to her is that she is letting her fears get the better of her and to stop analyzing the situation.
The implication is clearly to let go.
So what seemed like a bizarre dream was quite the opposite.
The dream had a structure with images deliberately placed to tell a story and this contained important advice.

We run the risk of stepping off the path to happiness when we ignore the wisdom in our dreams.

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