FENG SHUI - Annual

Afflictions and Renovations

Cures can be put in place but avoidance is best


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Each year, certain directions are considered inauspicious because fate stars and particular annual stars can exert a malevolent influence and are referred to as Sha Qi. The four Feng Shui afflictions to watch out for are: 5 Yellow, 3 Killings, Year Breaker and Grand Duke Jupiter.

These afflictions move to a new direction every year so it is best to know where they will be in any given year, especially if you are contemplating home or office renovations. The detrimental effects from these afflictions will only manifest under certain conditions, such as when the earth is disturbed or loud banging. It is good to be forewarned about these directions as you can then avoid disturbing these areas and stirring up trouble for yourself. Cures can be put in place but avoidance is best.

Every building has its
own set of calendar dates that will help with selecting times for important events. Once you know these dates, you can plan your renovation start dates or put cures in place. These dates are selected from the Great Sun Formula and give a certain amount of protection from the Annual afflictions. So if you must renovate or dig, consult the auspicious dates to find a date when work can commence.


Is the most serious affliction as it can cause accidents, illness and in some rare circumstances it can even cause death.

The “5 Yellow” is activated with loud noise, banging walls and digging the ground in that sector. Therefore try to keep the “5 Yellow” sector quiet and peaceful. If you do not disturb the “5 Yellow” it will not pose a problem. A cure that is often used as a precaution is metal. By knowing your Five Elements Weakening Cycle, you can see that metal has the ability to press down on it or weaken the 5 yellow, as “5 yellow” is an Earth element and Metal weakens Earth. One example commonly used is a metalrod wind chime with the rods taped so it will be quiet. This allows the Qi to pass through its hollow metal rods, neutralising as it makes contact. Chinese traditional symbolic cures can include 6 metal coins tied with red ribbon, Lu ban bronze rulers, Wu Lou and Metal Fu Dogs but really any metal object of significance can be used.

For year, 2007, the “5 Yellow” is found in the North East.


Also referred to as “San Sha”, can cause loss of wealth, robbery, betrayal, mishaps and minor operations. It will be activated through renovations such as painting, banging the walls,
loud noise and digging the ground in the vicinity of “3 Killings”. To cure the effects of “3 Killings” metal can be placed between the disturbance and the building. It is fine to face the “3 Killings” but you must not sit with your back to it. This is especially important if your house is sitting in the 3 killings, the same goes if your main entrance is in the “3 Killings” as the constant opening and closing of the door can also activate it. If this is the case you can place a pair or even 3 metal “Qi Lins” inside or outside the door. Another Chinese traditional cure is a figure of “Kuan Kung”, who is the god of war and wealth. Be warned against any new construction of a building that sits on “3 killings” as such construction will bring detrimental effects. Consult the Tong Shu along with the Great Sun Formula to find the best dates if it is necessary to carry out any renovations in 3 Killings.

For year 2007, the “3 killings” is found in the West – NW1, W2, and SW3


Also referred to as “Tai Sui”, can cause various levels of injury and illness. Minor disturbance can bring minor effects like loss of money. Intermediate disturbance can bring blood related injury and loss of wealth.

Extreme disturbance could bring severe injury, calamities and fatalities. If the “Grand Duke of Jupiter” is not disturbed it will not be a problem. Avoid disturbing the earth or engaging in renovations or construction in the “Grand Duke of Jupiter” area. It is acceptable to sit with your back to the “Grand Duke of Jupiter” but it is not advisable to face it. It is not advisable to commence any new construction if your house faces the “Grand Duke of Jupiter” that year. If it is necessary to do renovations, consult the Tong Shu and Great Sun Formula for the best dates to commence. To cure the effects of “Grand Duke of Jupiter”, Metal can be placed between the disturbance and the building. In Chinese culture there is another “spiritual” Grand Duke that is offered prayer in temples, it is important to realise that these two Grand Dukes are not the same.
The Grand Duke of Jupiter always corresponds to the year branch and encompasses the whole 15 degree sector of the branch.

For year 2007, year of the Pig, finds the “Grand Duke of Jupiter” in Pig NW3.


Also referred to as “Sui Po” or Year clash, can cause illness. The “year breaker” as its name suggests, breaks the year and is always opposite and opposes the “Grand Duke of Jupiter”. You cannot sit with and have your back to “Year Breaker”, it is advisable to face it head on. If the “Year Breaker” is not disturbed it will not pose a problem. Do not disturb the earth or engage in renovations and construction in that area. If your house sits on “Year Breaker” do not commence new construction that year. If it is necessary to renovate, consult the Tong Shui and Great Sun Formula to find the best dates for commencement.

For year 2007, year of the Pig, the Year Breaker is found opposite in Snake SE3.

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