Today Is Yesterday, Tomorrow
by Leo Drioli

I was sitting in a coffee shop with Enza the other day, and just as I looked up I saw a person walking by wearing a T-shirt with a message on it, but could only read the top line: "Today is ..."

As I read the first two words I inwardly heard Spirit complete the sentence with "... yesterday tomorrow."

I needed to unpack the message “Today is yesterday, tomorrow” so putting pen to paper I began to write …

This moment, exactly as it is, has manifested perfectly and precisely just for you.

This moment and everything in it is your creation. All that’s happening right now, all the people in it, the places you live in and visit, the conditions and circumstances that you find yourself in, this very moment … it’s all a reflection of you.

Where and how you find yourself today, all that surrounds you and touches you today is an absolutely fresh and completely new creation … but it also carries the conditions you created from sometime in the past … and how you respond to today will have a direct bearing on what you experience tomorrow.

So, pause in this moment … how are you with it?

Do you accept it, reject it, love it, hate it, like it, dislike it?

However you feel right now will have a direct effect on your future.

So, knowing that today, is yesterday, tomorrow … how will you live your day today?

And as you do have the freedom to choose, why not make happiness your choice?

Here’s what Walt Whitman had to say about it on my desk calendar this morning:

“Happiness - not in another place but this place – not for another hour, but this hour.”

Closing my eyes I began to feel my Inner Teacher’s presence.

“Remember to live only for today,” he whispered, “for this very moment.”

Taking a deep breath, I could almost see him sitting next to me, as he continued to speak.

“Think about the phrase you were given ‘Today is yesterday, tomorrow’. How are you to live, knowing this? Really, you only have one option don’t you? Live today impeccably and all of your tomorrows will be well looked after.

“And living in this way will do three things:

1. Create a tomorrow that will match the frequency lived in this moment. If lived in joy and happiness – this is exactly what your future will be.

2. Yesterday’s responses delivered back to you today, will be balanced out. If lived through in acceptance, no matter what the conditions are, you will be released from those past actions, freeing yourself from having to repeat the karma they carry.

3. Today, no matter what it brings, if lived through joyously, courageously, consciously and deliberately, will be lived purely and cleanly – bringing with it the joy that is present in, and permeates all moments no matter what appearances may arise within them.

4.“This is how to live in the moment: Know that today will be your yesterday, tomorrow. Do this and your life will be truly blessed.”

Leo Drioli is co-editor of Innerself Newspaper, author of “Every Moment’s a Miracle” and as a singer/songwriter has recorded his collection of original Heart-Songs CD “Let Your Spirit Sing”.