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May-July 2017

Hang On For the Ride
by Denise Linn
Hattie Linn, my husband's grandmother, was a role model for me. She was independent, fun, and feisty and lived to almost a hundred years old. She loved to travel and have adventures. READ MORE

Meditation to Heal Your Heart Chakra
by Doreen Virtue
Every person has suffered pain in some relationship, and this pain causes us to fear love. Yet because love is the essence of life, this fear causes us to lose touch with life's true essence. We become confused and forget what true love feels like. When we are afraid of love, we are literally afraid of being ourselves. READ MORE

Sadness as a Meditation Leads to Peace and Calm
by Osho
Sadness as a Meditation Sadness can become a very enriching experience. You have to work on it. It is easy to escape from your sadness — and all relationships ordinarily are escapes; one simply goes on avoiding it. And it is always there underneath... the current continues. READ MORE

There is only one reality and you are that
I recognize that I am awareness, but I don’t truly identify with it yet. What is the shift that needs to take place before I can totally “be” it? READ MORE

with Tina Malia
It’s true that we all get caught up in our thoughts from time to time to the point where we get stressed. It’s also true that our lives tend to be run by the undercurrent of emotions which they generate. And yes, they can drive us completely crazy. READ MORE

The 1st time - Again
You have recorded in both the mainstream and spiritual musical traditions, how do you see yourself as an artist in the world today? For me, true art delivers an experience that transcends logical boundaries. READ MORE