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August-October 2017

Change Yourself Change Your World
by Don Miguel Ruiz
The author of The Four Agreements reflects on what it takes to change the world―and yourself. READ MORE

Hormonal Flux – Coping with Peri-Menopause
by Belle McCaleb
Peri-menopause is the timeframe leading up to cessation of the menstrual cycle or menopause. It is a time of hormonal fluctuation that can lead to a whole array of distressing symptoms including erratic and often heavy if not flooding period. READ MORE

Decide Your Own Destiny with Holistic Hypnotherapy
by Elisabeth Jensen
Many clients coming for a psychic reading simply ask me for “Just a General Reading Please”. READ MORE

Discovering the wisdom we were born with
Some people feel that they have to have a big bang enlightenment for it to be real; one second you are normal, and then suddenly it is like we walk through a gate and are awakened never to walk back through that gate again. READ MORE

The Alchemy of Mind Body and Sound
by Miranda Munro
You finally make it home frazzled, tired and in a state sensory overload, perhaps without even recognising it. Your day has been an onslaught of clatter and chatter, bathing you in a constant soup of noise, a barrage of vibrations. READ MORE

Ever in God’s hands
One breath and you're Here. This is the natural state. This is the place where we cease diminishing who we are by thinking we are something else ... smaller, bigger, stronger, better, more loving, more pure. READ MORE