Whispers of SOUL
in a conscious community

By Eila Laurikainen

Adelaide and in fact humanity is awakening in body, mind and spirit to a new life style and a conscious spirituality, we are becoming a spiritually conscious community.

Older Woman


As Spring Blossoms burst into life and renew the spirit each season, so once again Soul knocks at our door. We brush sleep from our eyes and shake our selves awake to find a bright sunny day full of possibilities. Today is different, every moment appears bright and alive. A mysterious path lies before us, beckoning us to a brighter, fuller spirit filled life. You have decided to become YOU, the authentic you.

During the night when you slept magic was brewing, your Soul spoke with you, and encouraged you with dreams of becoming, becoming who you really are, a person full of Soul quality. Fortified by Soul contact you with millions of others have now decided to wake up fully and to take charge for your life.

The urge to develop your talents takes hold as you begin to look for signs from the Inner Worlds. Visions and dreams, meditations, synchronicities, chance meetings, the right book or learning experience provide clues.

Most of us seek a personally tailored growth program, a Life Coach, a meditation class or spiritual practice to help speed us along our chosen Path. A normal degree and a career path is no longer enough.

Like Harry Potter or Frodo, the hero in the Lord of the Rings, or Neo from The Matrix Reloaded, we are compelled to begin a journey, a quest to discover who we really are, and why we are here. Like Neo and Frodo, we too know that the Path we have chosen will require of us strength of character, purity of spirit and the capacity to love, truly to love and to be noble. We sense that walking on the Path will test us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Our goals in life, our methods for getting there, our sense of self and integrity will all be tested by circumstance.

Like Frodo, we too sense that success on this Life Quest requires the guidance and support of Wise Ones from the super-real world of Soul/Spirit.

Adelaide and in fact humanity is awakening in body, mind and spirit to a new life style and a conscious spirituality, we are becoming a spiritually conscious community.
We innately know that life has meaning and purpose and that there is a Plan, a kind of psycho-spiritual evolution of consciousness and that like the Matrix it is everywhere, unfolding, happening all the time.

If we had the eyes to see and the ears to hear the still quiet voice of the inner guide or the whispers of our own Soul, what difference would it make to our life?
If we knew and not just believed beyond the shadow of a doubt, that we had a Soul or Spirit, how would that be?
If we listened intently as we walked on the beach or sat quietly in a garden or during meditation or prayer, what would we discover? Perhaps it would sound something like this:

“Your life has meaning and purpose. You are not a mistake, you are meant to be here. Yes, you came to Earth with a mission, a purpose to fulfil and within you is a spark, a piece of Divinity that is you. Within you, you carry a small piece of a jigsaw puzzle that fits into the whole. You need to know that your piece is needed and is an integral part of the whole. You are not alone, you are part of an inner Soul Team with members of your Soul Group all over the world, like spiritual elder brothers and sisters who will support you on your journey. They know who you are and will recognize you when the time comes.
At night before you sleep, ask to be taught by the Light in your mind, simply say please teach me, and then show up for class.”

How would it be to have this conversation and to know it to be real?

For thousands of years the Trans Himalayan Wisdom Teachings along with Buddhism and many other philosophies from the East and West have spoken of the treading of a Path and the Soul Laws that guard the way. Now we too can discover our Life Path and Soul Purpose. Esoteric Astrology and psychology offer road maps making life a joyful journey.

Eila is an Esoteric Astrologer, Life Coach and Psychotherapist in private practice and is available for consultations. Tel: 0412 865 233 or

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