Astrology: December - February 2015/16
with Gerry Crow

In the first week of this new quarter Venus will enter Aries stirring the fiery passion for relationships along with new exciting introductions, unusual situations or even outrageous people with the New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus on April the 7th, this New Moon’s energy will also be intensified due to it being a super-moon. However your thinking process will be grounded with Mercury transiting in the practical sign Taurus and by the end of the month Mercury will go retrograde, bringing with it stifled communication and misunderstandings.

The April Full Moon rises in Scorpio at 3 degrees on the 22nd, Sydney time 3.23pm. A time to reflect deeply and feel on the inside what really needs to change, where your renewal may begin and be sure to witness your dreams, they are sure to be insightful.

Jupiter retrogrades every thirteen months and for the duration of around four months. When Jupiter retrogrades you can experience philosophical or spiritual ponderings and deliberation concerning your inner growth. Then once Jupiter goes direct (May 10th) decision and action will follow as you come to terms with the particular issues involving your development, happiness and success.

As well Jupiter makes its final square to Saturn in May 2016, this square includes the T-square with Neptune, bringing uncertainty to the future and in that, you may find yourself questioning your beliefs you had previously held sacred. While this may shake your foundations it is necessary for true spiritual growth, expansion of the mind and success in the world.

Changes will be the consequences of new structures built therefore relationships that are not growing within your new paradigm will end. Also under this influence you may well find yourself forging into new career pathways or job opportunities involving tertiary study or higher learning.

For most of this quarter Mars in Sagittarius goes retrograde, continues to stay in Sagittarius from April 16th to May 28th and then continues retrograde into Scorpio, till June 30th.

Mars retrograde is not conducive with a new way forward, plans usually boomerang as they lose their urge to succeed or simply plans fail to happen at all. Never the less Mars retrograde is brilliant for strategizing and waiting for right timing, allowing things to brew, checking over your plans and re-working your projects. So be sure to take time out and watch like the hawk, then when Mars goes direct (June 30th) swoop down at the right time, swing into action and make your mark into success.

On May 22nd the Full Moon two degrees in Sagittarius shines her light aligned with retrograde Mars. Therefore the fires of action for the month ahead may feel a little dampened and your patience may be strongly tested, however sit back and enjoy the lull, for contemplation will win the day as you prepare for bigger things to attain.

Mercury in Taurus goes direct on May 23rd and you can begin to get a clearer understanding of how plans need to be put into action and be achieved on all levels. When Mercury moves into Gemini on June 12th communication will be straight forward and misunderstandings will be eliminated, this will mean your projects will be completed and you will be feeling successful in your work area.

Venus enters Taurus on May 1st and remains there until the 24th. Venus in this sign offers you a sensual way of being and feelings of contentment. You may find yourself focused on security within your relationships and home, making sure you have everything you need for a comfortable winter. Venus then follows through to Gemini where you could find yourself at winter barbeque parties, with neighbours and friends enjoying light conversations and banters.

Mercury and Saturn move into opposition on June 20th. Under this influence your thinking can become stale and communication will not be flowing. Your ideas may have gone overnight and you can’t seem to put your words together. Don’t worry, this time will pass. Don’t allow yourself to stay stuck, maybe you simply need to see that others have different opinions and you don’t have to withdraw from them, a lesson well learnt.

Within this quarter there is a second Full moon in Sagittarius at 29 degrees, on June 20th, Sydney time 9.02pm.

This gives you another opportunity to connect with the fire cauldron of your dreams, hopes and aspirations by utilising the energies of transiting Uranus trine the Full Moon, plus focusing intentions within ceremony at the Winter Solstice that occurs in this same week as the full moon. Additionally you can allow the inner adventurer, philosopher or teacher to emerge and discover new possibilities.

The wheel of the year turns on June 21st with the Sun moving into Cancer, officially marking the Winter Solstice and the longest night. Following in the emergence of the light, will be renewed inspiration and the activation of your rebirth, you can now harness the earth’s energy for the impending transformation to meet your full potential and draw into your life all that you wish to manifest.

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