Astrology: July-September 2016
with Gerry Crow

The New Moon in Cancer, pulled within the power, shadow and intensity of Pluto through their opposition, opens this quarter in the first week of July. There is a further influence of a T square involving Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter that is deliberately exposing the collective fears and intolerances as well as feelings of inadequacy and paranoia within global and local communities, plus within you and me.

The T square of Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter is calling for new fundamental societal structures of belief to be built, expanding with deeply spiritual and inclusive concepts steeped in authenticity. Where do we need to change these beliefs and how will we action these changes into our future? The New Moon in Cancer is saying ‘Let it begin with me’.

The key at this time is to allow the New Moon’s spark of light to alert awareness to your needs, nurturing and mothering, security in the world, the home and family relationships, particularly your relationships with the women in your life.

By way of these reflections, you are required to take up the challenge and ask: • What your past beliefs are founded upon? • How these beliefs serve you, the family and communities you reside within? • Do they bring acceptance of others? Enable growth and transformation for all? • Is there equality offered to each member in your community, on every level? • Are you still responding to the old and outworn conditioning of yesteryear?

In order to face the conflict and shadows within society we can utilize the positive expression of these transits to resolve them. Our first step is to learn and teach acceptance of ‘difference of other’ and to connect this concept to heart by being respectful of another’s choice. Not only within your community where you are comfortable but also reaching out to different communities and expanding real recognition and acknowledgment.

We can discover commonality and expand our understanding by building bridges through listening and consulting with each other. Then we can begin to action change, build faith and restore balance, together. This growth and transformation process will take time, however it is an essential and profound one if we are to obtain a more peaceful, harmonious and inclusive future for all.

As the moon waxes along her path to fullness, we can consciously discard our distorted beliefs and our out dated value systems, like the snake sheds her outer skin onto the earth to transform, we can surrender these old beliefs and values to the light of full moon in Capricorn as a mark of reform and the promise we make to heal ourselves and the societies we live in.

Throughout this quarter the transit of Neptune square Saturn will continue to be a fervent influence in the heavens as well to the social changes we are all needing to face. Adding to this positively is the entrance of Jupiter to Libra, offering to consolidate justice, peace and harmony within every level of relationship.

After twelve years Jupiter returns to Libra on September 9th 2016 and journeys through this Cardinal Air sign until October 10th, 2017. Under this influence, those born in the sun-signs; Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, will have a fortunate thirteen months especially if previously you have put in the footwork for human growth and spiritual development.

Jupiter is known as the planet of Justice and fairness to all, therefore it comfortably sits in this air sign (Libra) ruled by Venus, the planet of love, relationships, balance and communication.

Additionally, Jupiter rules freedom and higher learning and the air sign Libra is associated with initiating powerful ideas that create long lasting effects as well as having a social conscience. Consequently through their collaboration over the next year, we can expect people to be writing and speaking out to ‘stale governments’, demanding change on many social platforms.

This spiritual/ political action will allow breakthroughs to advance viewpoints, beyond the limiting beliefs and pessimism we are experiencing through public dialogue currently.

With Jupiter being in Libra it will draw attention to ‘The great romance’, with magnificent demonstrations of love and public displays of affection. Weddings may well be on the rise, though not always traditional but definitely a flamboyant trend will emerge.

Some might choose to make their vows in church, others could go into nature or many couples could travel abroad to their favourite and meaningful sites to celebrate and tie the knot. As well the definition of relationship will widen and hopefully, ‘for fairness for all’ in Australia, Gay Marriage will finally be recognised under the law.

Chiron amplifies the need to heal past wounds at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on the 17th September. Give yourself permission to let go of illusive dreams, past hurts from old relationships and past family patterns. Allow your creative self to step forward, plunge into painting or write something inspirational. You may prefer to meditate and be reminded of your true inner teacher/guide or your ritual might be to enjoy the spring sun by the roar of the ocean. Let it be...

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