Astrology: October-December 2016
with Gerry Crow

Within this final quarter of the year, each month heralds in a Super Full Moon, along with the transits of Pluto/Mars, Uranus, Venus and Jupiter forming compelling and intense configurations in the skies. A Super Moon is when the moon is closer to the earth thus the moon’s energy is felt more intensely, emotions are potent and deep-seated.

The above mentioned transits bring opportunity from the heavens that can guide each of us towards a grand finale of the cosmic kind, to farewell and wholly release from our bodies, psyches and spirit –outdated patterns, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs that have indeed expired. In doing so we are ‘closing the stage’ on 2016, the year numerologically known for its themes of completions and endings.

October dawns within the potency of the New Moon in Libra (relationship sign) conjunct Jupiter and brings in, an incentive to make the necessary changes to expand and deepen the intimacy in your relationships through harmony and honesty. You may be inclined to think and feel more positive and optimistic, therefore broadening your communication with others and being more demonstrative of affection to those close to you and showing your support and love in more obvious ways.

As the Moon waxes full into Aries (self sign) on 16/10/16 the theme of the cycle expands to ‘self consciousness within all relationships’. The flow of care you extended out to others at the New Moon will return to you and solidify your relationships on all levels. Consequently, this will improve your capacity to give and receive, build a positive reinforcement of self value, and you are likely to experience the reflection in kind, within each level of relationship.

Under the influence of Uranus conjunct Moon in Aries, emotions can run high, excitement and sudden change is likely to occur, especially if you have major planets, aspects or points in Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer

Pluto conjunct Mars in Capricorn offers dramatic driving forces to the Aries Super-Full Moon. These forceful energies can be utilised to push through work deadlines, climb the ladder to your promotion or open to the depth of your psyche and understand all that you need to, to make changes. Be prepared to be pushed to your limits to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

November can be described as a grounding month as Venus (the ruler of the full moon on the 15th) moves into Capricorn on the 12th, encouraging a steadiness in your financial affairs and connecting into the value of self –in order to sit comfortably in your authority within the work place and at home.

Mercury continues to move direct in the sign of Sagittarius allowing communication to be upbeat and the mind agile.

Though by the 23rd-25th Saturn will conjunct Mercury and have us thinking carefully before we engage in conversation or take action. With this conjunction there may also be a slowing up in technology, or your travel plans could be hindered, however Saturn always has reason to make us stop and think through plans again. Be sure then to double check all arrangements, projects and assignments.

The Taurus Super Full Moon shines her divine light upon you on the 15th November. Due to the Taurus sign being ruled by Venus, the planet of self value and love and what you believe to be true about yourself, the energy of this moon can raise your innate negative feelings and thoughts that restrict the flow of abundance through your life.

Therefore the Taurus Super Full Moon is the precise time to move from lack to an abundant flow by reclaiming self-love and affirming positive self beliefs. It is also essential to be mindful in the moment and release any outdated thoughts and negative feelings as the come into consciousness.

The first week of December begins with a Jupiter trine Mars under this influence optimistic views and beneficial actions are abound, although a tendency to be overly enthusiastic or to adopt a ‘she’ll be alright mate’ attitude could hinder doing the things that need to be done. Faith in yourself and others prevail and you will feel appreciative of the thoughtfulness of others.

The final Super Full Moon for this year ascends, in Gemini at 23 degrees on December 14th Sydney time 11.05 am. Being in the Gemini sign, the Full Moon will brighten the ‘year ending’ work events in a light-hearted manner with tinsel decorations, disco lights and engaging conversations.

In fact this Moon is strengthened in its air element, by a grand trine to Jupiter in Libra and to Mars in Aquarius. With Mars here, you may be drawn to different groups where the eccentric part of yourself can be entertained. And Jupiter adds a big-heartedness quality to the full moon and extends the hand of friendship to all.

In the final week of 2016, the New Moon in Capricorn encourages us to dream in reality. Be sure then, as you wish in the New Year, that your dreams are accompanied with solid and practical plans for successful manifestation. Many blessings for all that you hope to accomplish and may divine light shine on your path in 2017, the year defined in numerology by new beginnings and the time to express your uniqueness.

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