Astrology: February-April 2017
with Gerry Crow

The summer sun and sweltering days, for most of us in Australia, are on the wane.

In the month of February people take up their usual place at work and ‘the kids’ get to go back to school and study. The lingering smell of barbecues and the sea air are now fading...

2017 is ultimately the number one year of new beginnings; and the astrology transits of this year offer us renew and hope.

Venus begins its long journey in Aries from February 4th, and gives you an opportunity to embark on self value and self love. This in turn strengthens your ability to love and relate consciously to another. Plus it opens you into the practice of self-care enabling you can embark on any new opportunities. Between the 11th to the 21st February, Mars aligns with Venus and stirs the passion, and ignites the flames of attraction necessary to initiate a romantic relationship with high, excitement and long term prospects if that is what you desire.

On the 11th of February the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Leo, ascends in her glory. Her magnificence is intensified by both a mystic rectangle and a grand trine and these two heavenly configurations form a five pointed star within the mystic rectangle. This is definitely the Moon/Star to wish upon!

As Jupiter and Uranus both favourably aspect this Leo Lunar eclipse, change will be dramatic, from the heart and deepen your spirit consciousness. In keeping with the cosmic approval stamp from Saturn, you will certainly be awarded for your honesty, hard work and emotional restructuring.

If your natal chart links in with this grand configuration, be it through planets, aspects or angles in the signs of Leo, Taurus, Scorpio Aquarius; Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, (yes pretty much the whole Zodiac!) between 16 to 22 degrees, you have the opportunity to experience profound spiritual awakening.

This is because during the Leo Lunar Eclipse and the other connecting planets, high expanding light within the universe, invokes the celestial circles of light, holding the essence of the ascended masters, goddesses and other light beings.

To be sure to gain the most paramount experience from the Leo Lunar Eclipse, prepare by meditating a little more than usual, begin to journal from the new moon in Aquarius on January the 28th, and keep open to your higher-self and psychological processes in order to transform inner patterns and outward behaviour.

Moon sextile Jupiter and Sun trine Jupiter, shine on you and yours bringing out the best in challenging your personal issues, personal issues that are within current relationships are given the opportunity for growth and transformation. Travel and education may be at the forefront stimulating your thoughts, provoking your beliefs and expanding your cultural boundaries.

In March, Saturn reaches to the latter degrees in Sagittarius, therefore if you were born late degrees in the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, prepare to face the changes that need to occur to: reach the pinnacle of your career, mature your relationships and attain self mastery.

The theme for your mutable sign is ‘Perpetual Change’, however with a restructuring from Saturn in this placement and the enlightenment force from the full moon in Virgo you may well be asked to: stand your ground, become more stable, look to detail within the bigger picture and show commitment in ways that you haven’t considered before. And for the Virgos in particular you will begin by building and deepening a commitment of service with yourself.

The New Moon in Aries, on the 28th March is known as the astrological New Year and offers you the chance to review plans, goals and achievements, so far. Are you really ready for the new start that you began in January? Are you committed to the change you have asked for? Can you now move forward in renewed action? Venus in Aries recommends you examine your values and beliefs to be sure you are in alignment with the new. With this examination of self complete and you feel satisfied you are on the right path, then utilise steady Mars in Taurus to act forward and drive the future in a clear and stable way toward attaining your wishes, goals and projects.

On April 11th the Libra full moon the sign of the measuring scales, will have you looking into the balance of work and home. Additionally, Libra is the sign for governing relationships therefore you maybe questioning the dynamics of your close relationships. Pluto and Uranus are in the mix with a 3 degree square either side of the moon. So expect deep, exciting change that is initiated by insightful conflict.

From mid April Mercury is retrograde until the end of the month. This may influence the tendency to be over analysing, on the inner home-front.

Or you may contemplate where you now stand in regard to the shedding of your old ways that inhibit moving forward, allow your awareness to lead you to release these habits, old thoughts or emotions.

This quarter completes with the new moon in Taurus, bringing the ability to focus on steadying your way to a productive working year, by having previously prepared on every level, for success and satisfaction.

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