Astrology: May-July 2017
by Gerry Crow

In the first week of May, Mercury goes direct in Aries offering us clearer outward thinking, however being accompanied by Uranus civil debates could excalate into sudden rage and intense argument. Therefore be mindful of your emotional levels in order to prevent a lot of huff and puff that could be hurtful to self and others, especially if you are a fire sign in late degrees, or Sun in Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, as this transit could have you on edge. To avoid these hot spots be very clear positively on your intentions and mind sets.

The Full Moon rises in Scorpio (20 degrees) on the 11th May at 7.45am Sydney time. This mystical Full Moon brings in the opportunity for you to connect very deeply with your psychic levels and spiritual guidance and can enable any meditation practice to expand beyond your usual parameters. If you celebrate the lunar cycles the Scorpio Full Moon is a powerful time to focus on psychological, past lives and soul healing.

As well our beloved Venus has begun to move swiftly through the sign of Aries, boosting your self-confidence, courage and reigniting your passion for your path ahead. She connects on the 19th May with Jupiter in opposition, expanding your desire to indulge and treat yourself; do allow yourself to receive and be nourished. You may also have a calling to visit loved ones, friends and kick up your heels a bit, whatever you do still keep you eyes on the budget as there is no point in having a delightful time, to find later in the month you actually extended your credit card debt too much.

Venus transits (7/6) into her ruling sign Taurus ushering us to 'bungalow' down as winter approaches. She encourages nurturing with hot chocolate, walks in the winter sun and getting out the stock pot for nourishing soups and stews to be made. On the same day Mercury has moved into Gemini, giving permission to enjoy light entertainment, with movies, whether at the cinema or on Netflix, the internet or even get out our old favourite books, you know reading and turning the pages!

The June (9/6 11.09pm SYD) Full Moon is in Sagittarius (18 degrees). Under this fire lunation, you may feel influenced to have a mid year party, or find yourself interested in a new path of learning. Then again you may feel a strong pull to book yourself a holiday and fly off to a warmer, more exotic place than you have travelled to before. In addition Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius goes direct on the 10/6, expanding your horizons in your personal relationships, extended family, community and globally. Having you question what is your part within world change and bringing in Global justice and peace.

The Wheel of the Year turns on the 21st June, reining in the Winter Solstice, the longest night, and allows the spark of your internal consciousness to return. Celebrate all that you have changed, healed and transformed. Let go of all that has died, release it to the Great spirit, God/Goddess, the Universe, simply be and step forward and be in your new light.

The Capricorn Full Moon brings in further enlightenment as she ascends, conjunct Pluto and square Jupiter, into the sky on July the 9th, (SYD 2.08pm). Illuminating, deepening and expanding your visions, emotions and dreams. While this moon will feel very intense you can also harness and integrate the energy to take your power, connect with the celestial beings and vision to manifest your true path forward. Therefore be sure to take some time on this day to meditate, and practise your way in sacred ceremony.

During July we deal with several planets being retrograde. When planets are seemingly going backwards in the skies, you are required to be introspective.

To work positively with Saturn being retrograde a good protocol to follow is to examine your personal set of rules, look at what motivates you emotionally especially in the areas of control and fear. You could explore your ‘failures’, where you feel disappointment and learn how you can behave differently. Then apply this knowledge into your new life.

Neptune retrograde is more reflective of your sensitivity to the energies from others, and all that is unseen in the world. If you are naturally very psychic, sensitive or know you are an empath then extra care in the psychic, spiritual, psychological and emotional boundaries are a must. The practice of being clear, grounded and knowing your limitations is essential for you to survive Neptune retrograde and allow your gifts to flow in a centred way. For others who are not so sensitive, Neptune retrograde could possibly have you experience the more mystical, spiritual side of life and open your mind to different paths. Still caution and protection is needed. Others may experience their addictive patterns coming to the fore and be encouraged to face these patterns for a more fulfilling and conscious life.

Pluto has been on its current retrograde path since April 21st, and will go direct on September 29.

Pluto is the one planet (yes I know he’s been demoted, however the energy in my experience is still there alive and well!) that people get uncomfortable about, however you need not be.

Pluto brings to your attention what it is, you need to face about your shadow behaviours, in order for you to be truly empowered and successful in all areas of your life. Begin by being watchful within any authoritative situations: do you feel controlled or do you do the controlling? Look to your anger; can you express it healthily or do you play victim or persecutor? Pluto rules sexuality are you being fulfilled in this area of your life? Pluto also rules other people's money, and we all know that in our western society money is a controlling force from the boardroom to the bedroom. How do you operate within these levels of power and control?

Wherever you find the shadows lurking within, bring them to awareness, and love and accept them, yes love and acceptance are the first steps towards taking responsibility and to change unsavoury behaviour patterns into a healthy patterns, where you will then find yourself in a more positive flow of life.

Taking the above mentioned actions while planets are retrograde, will have you prepared for your change and transformation, at the time the planets move direct. This will mean that you will no longer be tripping over the past, instead you will be totally aware in the present living your life to the fullest.

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