Astrology: December - February 2015/16
with Gerry Crow

Well here we are at the end of the calendar year and the opening of a new quarter, bringing opportunity for most of us to relax with family and friends. It is a good practice as we complete the year to take a precious moment to contemplate the past year; our ‘should haves’, our maybes, successes and challenges. This process will then allow us to move forward, with an optimistic attitude, clear and conscious into the New Year, 2016.

The skies in December certainly reflect these opportunities beginning with Venus in Scorpio; you may be examining yourself intensely on issues of self-esteem, power within relationships, where you value yourself, your financial flow, along with love and intimacy. The questioning of these issues can feel uncomfortable, however when honesty is implemented while you seek, the gain will be a deeper understanding of yourself spiritually and psychologically.

Mercury in addition to being the cosmic messenger is the ruler of communication and information, journeys directly into the structured sign of Capricorn for most of December. Generally, this is a favourable influence for planning and solid clear communication so take time in the second week of December to consolidate planning for the home and at work, as well be clear in your communication with others when delegating and coaching.

Later in the month when Mercury conjuncts Pluto, squares Uranus (retrograde) and then squares Mars, communication, planning and information can suddenly take a downward course and bring about intensity and disruption. Therefore you may find yourself involved in verbal power plays and arguments, do be careful what you voice.

The Sun progresses into Capricorn on the 22nd of December bringing us the dawning of the Summer Solstice. This is the point in-time known as ‘full light’ when the powers of nature are bursting in maturity, with trees bearing fruits and flowers blooming completely.

Traditionally the Summer Solstice is marked by burning fires and celebrating through the shortest night. However, in the Australian summer, we are restricted with the burning of fires alternatively we drum, dance, chant and sing within Sacred Ceremony to raise the power of the circle and connect with the highest point of light. When we harness and focus the energy raised, on our dreams, intentions and wishes, we assist these imaginings to manifest into our daily lives.

On Christmas day, within the week of the Summer Solstice, the Cancer Full Moon ascends 3 degrees at 10.11pm (Sydney time). Neptune is amplifying a loving spiritual, heart flow to all, by being in trine to the Moon. This beneficial aspect offers a buffer to the transits of Mercury mentioned above on the 25th so that we can all enjoy the holiday celebrations with our families, friends and communities, in heartfelt joy and peace.

The New Year starts with Venus just into Sagittarius and with this influence you may find yourself spontaneously making short local trips like visiting museums, catching up with friends or looking to a new interest that may involve learning about other cultures.

Holiday romance is favourable at this time of year and with Venus in Sagittarius you could impulsively embark on a fun weekend away with your current partner or new love. Then again you may decide that it is time to learn about mystical matters, and go on retreat together where you both can ponder on different and interesting philosophies.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 4th as does Mercury enter Aquarius forming a square, take care not to get too combative with words as within the week the energy will recline as Mercury retro grades and you may have chosen different words on a different day.

The Capricorn New Moon (20 degrees) on January 10th is next-door to Pluto (15 degrees) and forms a trine with Jupiter at 23 degrees in Virgo. Any new projects started now will be meaningful, enduring and transformative. Uranus (16 degrees in Aries) is in the mix squaring the New Moon, offers original ideas and challenges the status quo.

The majestic Full Moon in Leo soars into the skies on the January 24th, with squaring Mars in Scorpio there is a driving force that we must work with. The mix of elemental fire and water is abundant within this transit and presents opportunity for ‘alchemic’ healing on all levels. You can also utilise the combined power within the Leo Moon/Scorpio Mars to take the lead, inspire others and boost your creative juices.

As the world takes heed after the transforming energies from the cardinal four we move to a place in humanity to assimilate the changes and practise life in different ways. Bridges of harmony need to be built as does understanding and negotiation for equal sharing of the earth’s resources, needs a real platform.

The transits in the sky that will support this process to completion have previously entered their journey in the mutable signs; Neptune has been in Pisces since April 2011, Saturn in Sagittarius since December 2014 and Jupiter in Virgo since August 2015.

The Mutable signs mould new structures together; their energy is gentler and more discreet than the cardinal signs. For example cardinal energy would use a jackhammer to break a rock, whereas the mutable energy will utilise the flowing river over the rock, persistently and smoothly the rock will change shape. Over the next few years the transits of Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo will guide the evolution of humanity; by connecting with the universal mind to eliminate religious and racial intolerance and welcoming all peoples into the collective heart, where inclusiveness on all levels is totally embraced.

The Full Moon rises 4 degrees in the mutable sign of Virgo, on February 23rd (Sydney time 5.19am).

This grace filled Moon connects her radiant light with the unconscious collective of Neptune (in Pisces) bringing forth what we truly feel and asks us to surrender our shadow into the purity of the Sun, the Divine Spirit Heart, whether we name that, God, Goddess or the Universe, does not matter, it’s the action and intention to evolve your heart and open to serve the whole.

Gerry Crow is an accurate reader and astrologer, available for readings, see ad in Moon Calendar.