Astrology: September - November 2015
with Gerry Crow

In the first week of September, Venus will go direct in Leo adding to the buzz of spring-time and the promise of romance. With the influence of Uranus to Venus and Mars the excitement to create new endeavours intensifies and you may be pressing to start the extraordinary path or projects, you have only ever dared to dream about.

On September 13th the New Moon solar eclipsed in Virgo will have you analysing and planning where to next. It’s best to take time out to allow the ideas to flow, possibly write them down to allow the newness to rise to consciousness and cement in form and then they can be built upon as the moon waxes.

As well, the solar eclipse ruler, Mercury is transiting through Libra; giving you the opportunity to balance both sides of any circumstance needing attention and then you can restore the harmony within your life.

With Jupiter in opposition to Neptune on the 17th September, I feel we can teach and learn one of the most enormous tests in manifesting our goals/dreams. That is keeping the focus on the vision and believing it is possible while having to deal with our own and the collective doubt.

For that reason it is essential we connect with the part of the collective that consciously believes we can do it and also that we reach in and touch the faith in ourselves, that we can indeed make our dreams and goals actuality. The more like- hearted people you can find to share and dream with, the more likely it is you will all manifest the goals you dream about.

Persistent Saturn re-enters Sagittarius, on September 18th 2015 and stays in this sign for another two and quarter years.

Saturn tests and brings focus to the issues represented by the house it is transiting through. Therefore look to the house within your natal chart that Sagittarius governs and you will see where Saturn is demanding you examine your life.

Often clients describe the Saturn transit as a force outside of themselves that needs to be reckoned with, however the truth is Saturn in transit demonstrates how your conditioned internal beliefs and values may no longer be working for you.

Therefore you must face these distorted beliefs that you have internalised and understand how you act from them. This process is really what is confronting during the Saturn transit and often the ego avoids the necessary depth of self-knowing, that will ignite the awareness needed for change.

As the transit progresses with you consciously discarding distorted beliefs and out-dated value systems, the building of healthy emotional structures will be put in place. The results will be that you will master these areas of your life on your own terms rather than past conditioning and find real freedom in your re-ordered, expanded inner world.

Mars moves swiftly into Virgo by 26th September squaring off with Saturn pushing you to clarify your goals and be detailed in your plans ahead. At this time you will be expected to keep your commitments in the workplace and at home making time very restricted.

The Full Moon in Aries (lunar eclipse) on the 28th September is conjunct the south node and requires you to balance and liberate yourself from the past. Allow each situation to be looked at, cleared and released, and then arise to your true identity, take courage in the challenges of change, feel the fire in your heart and move towards your pending transformation.

Jupiter in Virgo makes a fortunate trine to Pluto in Capricorn on 11th October. Be ready for opportunity and beneficial change as this influence engages the luck and optimism of Jupiter plus the rebirth and significant change of Pluto. Success is a certainty so be mindful, especially if planets in your chart positively aspect between 11to15 degrees Virgo and 11to15 degrees Capricorn.

On November 26th Saturn and Neptune begin to square. Through this transit it is likely the general public would lose (more) faith and trust in governments and social structures and at the same time the arrogance and rightness of those in power will be seen to increase. In fact, other governing bodies such as the medical and financial institutions, the systems we usually surrender our physical and material needs to, will also be under the peoples’ scrutiny.

People will also question the validity of religious and spiritual philosophies, especially where reality and freedom are concerned. However the reverse can also occur under this influence, oppression of the truth from governing bodies and blind faith in religious and spiritual philosophies will happen if people allow powers that be, to reign without accountability or questioning facts.

Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces alike, relate to the search for Truth about our absolute existence, each in their own approach and meaning. The influence of the square will eventually bring about a dissolving of exhausted and incorrect principles for an innovative world and new age, where faith and reason promote truth and ground reality.

Gerry Crow is an internationally renowned and respected Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Healer. Her career expands an exceptional 35 years conducting professional, accurate psychic readings, successful healings and profound meditation, development classes and inspiring workshops. As well as having her many psychic gifts, Gerry has trained and studied at length in the esoteric sciences – including Astrology and Tarot, the healing arts, psychology, counselling and shamanic practices. She conducts her varied modalities, in person and over the phone. Gerry is also a regular guest on Psychic TV. Phone her on 0449 865 473; Email; find her on face book, Visit