Manifesting it All with Ease and Keeping it!
by Jaan Jerabek

Ever wondered how some people seem to bring things into their life easily? We may not be aware of all the energy & groundwork that they may have put into their goals in the past and all we see is seemingly a few actions with massive outcomes, but many of us really do manifest with ease from the ‘get go’. It is called Alignment. The art & science of Co-creation. More powerful than willpower alone!

When we align our will with Gods will, we align with all of life. Life supports us 100% and helps us along the way instead of continually putting up road blocks & obstacles along the way. We leave behind the paradigm of having to put in 10 units of energy to get 1 unit back. Instead we enter a new reality of putting in 1 unit of energy to get 10 units back! Sound Good?

This is Alignment. Alignment with the highest Good & Truth and our Personal Soul Level Integrity. Doing what we are meant to be doing. Alignment with the truth that life IS meant to be easy, that life & people supporting us. Alignment with the truth that we are all children of God who deserve Gods abundant love in all its forms – fulfilling & meaningful relationships, inner peace, health & wealth… with ease.

So what stops people experiencing this reality?

Inner obstacles. After over 20 years of professionally facilitating groups, I have observed the following dynamics interplay in our Psychological blocks that directly interfere with our life purpose alignment:

A) Beliefs that result in the experience of love not being there for us. Love is the greatest experience of inner richness & abundance, all other richness is connected to it. If your heart is not open to the full extent of love available, it will not be open to other forms of richness such as external richness & abundance. ‘’ I do not deserve love/ Not good enough to be loved’’ is a lie. We have the tools to open up the deeper layers of the unconscious, become aware of and release that which we do not know that we do not know.

B) The developed habit & associated belief systems that result from the actual experience of a life of accumulating emotional baggage itself. Our psychological blocks are charged with so much heavy and dense emotional energy and we have grown so used to dragging a huge & heavy amount of baggage around with us, that what results is… experiencing and growing used to the habit of struggling under a life-force depleting weight. This is what makes us think & believe that ‘’Life is a struggle” & ‘’ Life is Hard’’ – Another lie! We have the tools to genuinely release the heavy baggage and start to experience, hence form a new habit of ease.

C) These 2 ( A & B ) result in a lack of clarity around our life purpose. How? When one is aligned and on track with their life purpose a person experiences great joy in all that they have to do to manifest their vision. They experience a high degree of self worth, dignity, nobility and honour. They experience a high level of external abundance and abundance & richness on ALL levels. To many of us, most of us really, these powerful and positive feelings & peak states are just too alien, opposite of and even threatening to our inner reality. So we either not start the journey… Or as it was in my case, I manifested EXACTLY what I wanted, The Estate on a 100 acres to run my programs, an incredible wife – Model with a science degree (Beauty and Brains), The Mercedes, every manchild toy I ever wanted…and then proceeded to try and destroy it all…Nearly lost it all. Ever heard of Sabotage? External Abundance does not guarantee lasting internal & external abundance. But, Internal Abundance does guarantee lasting internal & external abundance.

You may be on track & aligned with your life purpose, but make things much more difficult then they need to be, hence things taking much longer than anticipated. You may be experiencing financial flow issues. You might feel ‘Stuck’ as you have been aligned for a long time now, things have been flowing, but you are experiencing some form of ‘stalemate’ at the moment or recently you have been experiencing struggle, lack of flow, even a lack of fulfilment in your vision of years/ decades and want to feel your initial inspiration, excitement, motivation and drive like you did in the early stages. All of these are indicators of Psychological blocks coming to the surface and needing assistance in removing them for good. Many people respond with ‘’Of course I believe I am good enough to be/ deserving of being lovable’’ and ‘’ Of course I want life to be easy, without struggle’’ I have no ‘çhildhood’ issues or emotional baggage or the classic ‘’I have dealt with those things in me!’’ All I have to say is…BE VERY CAREFUL. Only in arrogance and/ or ignorance can a person say that in my experience, and I speak from experience.

What’s the solution? Easy. Cathartic Breathwork.

Jaan Jerabek has been an advocate of Rebirthing Style/ Cathartic Breathwork being recognized as the future of therapy & human potential actualization since his late teens. Having started running workshops at the young age of 20, now age 42, sees him as an authority on inner growth and its outward expression. He is the Founder & Director of GTE – Breathwork Training College , The Anxiety & Depression Solution, Mandalong Sanctuary ( Health Retreat ) and Infini – Longevity Programs. Jaan regularly hosts events around Australia. To find out when he will next be in your capital city go to his facebook page or visit Ph: 1300 500 881