Three Powerful Ways To Deepen Your Intuition
by Juliet Lever

At times in life we all feel lost, off centre and like we don’t know what step to take.

We live in a world that constantly tells us the answers are all ‘out there’. That what we need can be found in some new pill, book or person. This is a dangerous trap to fall into, constantly feeling as though we are never healthy, healed or knowledgeable enough.

Ultimately, the best teacher in the world though - is your own intuition.

Finding the answers within is the only place to seek the truth.

So what does this mean in a practical sense?

If you don’t trust your own intuition you will feel full of doubt, self-critical and even compare yourself to others.

You may also seek others to tell you what to do in your life.

This can lead you to make decisions that aren’t right for you.

Remember, you are in the driver’s seat of your life – no one else.

On the other hand, a life lived full of intuitive trust is easy, simple and grounding. When you know that you can trust yourself and your inner teacher then you can make decisions easily and start making your impact in the world for the better.

Now more than ever it is vital for the world to have individuals who have self-actualised and are confident in following their own truth.

And if you are reading this publication then you are surely one who realises the power in seeking answers within.

The following three steps are designed to encourage you to delve even deeper into your intuition and is designed as a daily strengthening practice.

Step 1)

Make time for stillness and silence

A simple meditation practice of sitting silently for 15 minutes per day can allow you to surface any unnoticed intuitive thoughts and wishes.

Step 2)

Tune in to your body

Feel your body’s natural responses when you ask yourself ‘yes’ / ‘no’ questions.

For example, if you ask yourself a simple question right now, “have I drunk enough water today” you may feel a response internally. If your body responds with intuitive ‘yes’, you may feel energetically more open and uplifted and balanced. If your body is indicative of a ‘no’ you may feel blocked in a chakra or a negative energy pull. Over time you can use this intuitive sense to ask deeper questions.

Step 3)

Test you intuition

Play by testing out your intuition when you meet new people.

This is a great one for exercising your intuition! Ask yourself internally ‘do I think this person has a pet?’ and wait for your intuitive sensed response. Then ask the person, and see if your intuitive knowing was correct or not.

Over time you will notice this will get better and better as you practice and get to know your intuition.

Intuition & inner strength

These simple steps are simply an introduction into developing a deeper relationship with yourself and your intuition.

Ultimately, the best thing any of us can invest in is ways to know ourselves at a deeper level.

So, choosing to study things that enable us to unlock a deeper sense of understanding of ourselves, whilst also gaining practical tools to help others move forward and heal is so incredibly powerful, and something that you will have for life.

Start developing your intuition and notice the inner strength it brings to you.

Juliet Lever is the owner and founder of Relaunch My Life and author of the best-selling book ‘Relaunch My Life’. She hosts the Podcast station ‘Relaunch My Life Radio’ and is a life coach and Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Reiki in Adelaide. For details of her upcoming trainings visit