Heal Ourselves, Heal Each Other and Heal the World
by Anthony Craig

Now appears to be such a time when this needs to be an important part of our consciousness. As we observe our historical journey we must be careful not to become involved in the hysteria that is created to divide and conquer. Stay true and know that a sense of love, unity and social conscience is what will really carry us through to more peaceful times.

We are certainly in a time of transition as we keep getting reminded. Everything that is happening around us is the result of our individual and combined thoughts. We must all take responsibility for what is happening on our planet at this time. Remember the Power of One. It is important to start with ourselves. Become aware, filter the news as dispensed by self- serving governments and big corporations, see through the hysteria and remain calm. Stay true to the principles of love, faith, hope and tolerance and know that your actions will have an effect - whether on a local level to or as part of the big picture. The internet, being now so available around the world, offers an opportunity to research and become more accurately informed. Your individual use of social media allows you to posts, comments, media and information that have the opportunity to ignite and inflame, or to cool and diminish. The choice is yours. How do we help ourselves discern what should be appropriate?

Bringing ourselves into a place of love, balance and harmony through the use of healing, meditation, music and/or prayer allows us to remain open and make more informed choices in what we do or say. Starting with ourselves is most important. Once we have made those changes then it can radiate outwards and begin to affect others, one step at a time, whether it be physical or online communities. Working on ourselves to improve our spiritual side and awaken our consciousness allows us to remain more immune to the dissemination of inflammatory material full of other’s agendas.

We are given many aids at this time to help us move through this sea of uncertainty. We know that there is an increasing awareness building and it up to each and every one of us to help speed this consciousness shift in whatever way we can. That’s why we chose to be here now.

There are always many paths available to the top of the mountain. Look for the common denominators to make sure each path is working towards the same goal. These should include healing of self and others towards balance and harmony, expanding consciousness, concepts of unity, universal love and oneness, a sense of greater good, and challenging barriers.

Modern forms of healing such as Spectra Healing do this. Working with superluminal light, sonic frequencies, mathematical patterns and chemical codings through multi-dimensional and inter-dimensional connections, DNA and core cellular structures can be altered to allow healing on all levels, not only individually but also for larger groups. Consciousness shifts also occur and can be speeded up through the use of specific audio-visual stimulation. A specific brain state and the use of a heart, or oneness, consciousness during the healing session combined with a capstone link ensures the purest connection to Higher Intelligence and our perfect blueprint.

Once we have worked on ourselves then it is time to stretch out and have an effect on others – families, communities, world groups and more. Research already documents the effects of intention, the power of prayer and the power of love. When each of us operates from within the right space

There is no limit to what we can do. It is also recognised that only a small shift in consciousness is needed by a small number of people to have an effect on the bigger picture. Play your part.

We hear doom and gloom on the news each day - terrorist activities, gang and domestic violence and threats of war. Some say World War III has already begun. Well it is up to us to overcome the hatred and bigotry that exists, to break down the barriers amongst religious and ethnic groups and to recognise that violent individuals or small minorities within a specific community does not represent the majority beliefs of that community. We must not fuel the blame and hatred game.

Realise that we are all one within not only the global community but also the greater multi-dimensional universal community. Bring forth visions of unity, peace, and hope and we can change the actions of others.

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Anthony Craig is the founder (along with Divine Intelligence) of Spectra Healing and Spectra Activating Consciousness and a certified Hypnotherapist and Social Worker. Based in Adelaide he travels extensively as an Instructor and Practitioner, educating and expanding new healing work locally and worldwide and is available as a guest speaker. Regular information sessions, workshops and seminars are held. See website for details in your area. Anthony is also available for appointments ph: 0412 832 664. For further information visit www.SpectraHealing.com