Dreaming and ‘Thought forms’
with Damian Amamoo

Hi there dreamers! In the last article, we looked at the idea of ‘interpenetration’ and how in the dream state, under certain conditions, the thoughts of others can sometimes leave subtle signatures in our awareness. We also spoke a little about the type of thought structures that may be encountered during the dream state.

Today, we will be speaking to you in a little more depth about these thought forms and why some of them ripple into our dreaming awareness whilst others pass by us unnoticed. We will also learn how some of these thought forms can exist in two places or planes at the same time.

We’re going to accomplish the science of this by doing some fun visualisations.

Imagine it’s a lovely night, you are sleeping peacefully and now you begin dreaming and are floating in a very clear deep pond that we will call ‘shared psychic awareness.’

Now let’s say someone you know, who is also asleep and dreaming at that time, has a very strong thought, that is clearly imagined and contains significant emotional power.

I’d like you to visualise their strong thought like a pebble falling towards the surface of the dream pond. Let’s also imagine that this ‘thought pebble’ is shaped in a special way that corresponds to the thought’s intention, content, emotional intensity and affinity with others.

Whilst the pebble is above the water, it looks like it is only in one place - in the air.

But a few milliseconds later, when it strikes the water, there is an exciting point where half of the pebble is above the surface, and half below.

I’d like to extend your thinking here, and ask you to imagine for a moment, that instead of air and water, that we were talking about different dimensions or planes (as we like to call them), and so you can see that a thought, being the pebble in this instance, may, have a reality that is in two places at once. Or in other words, a thought may straddle across two dimensions for a certain period of time. And while both of the pebble halves are still part of the same pebble, the view from each plane would be entirely different.

For example, if we were to ask a bird, what the pebble half looked like above the water, he or she would give a different description to a fish that describes the lower part of the pebble that is in the water. So we can say, that the form taken of the pebble, or the form of a thought, depends firstly on the physics of plane in which it appears, and secondly on the observation technology or perspective of viewer. Or in other words, whether we are looking at the form through eyes of a fish or a bird -metaphorically speaking! Now without feeling too scaly or feathery (smiles - sorry I couldn’t resist that one), we can move on to visualise that the pebble is fast making its way to the bottom.

Now, a large circular ripple forms on the surface of our pond of ‘shared psychic awareness’. The ripple is unique and is coded for a certain message and builds a wave of specific size.

Please imagine that a dynamic scientist has now appeared on the scene. And even though the original thought pebble is gone and out of sight, if our scientist had an incredible camera and took a picture of the ripples leading out from the middle, and this data was fed into a super computer, then our scientist might be able to deduce many things about the pebble, even though he or she never saw it.

Visualise the ripples from the ‘thought pebble (or thought form)’ fanning out on the surface of our shared dream pond. Whilst this is happening please imagine, there are a number of other people sleeping, all with their own ‘presences’ in the pond. Visualise that some people prefer to have their awareness down near the bottom of the pond and so they are not going to feel anything about this ripple of thought because their awareness is completely at another depth.

Others, may have awareness that is at mid-range depth, and experience the thought form or ripple more like an emotional undercurrent or vague feeling. The thought ripple could feel strong and deep to them in some ways, but in others, it could be difficult for them to name and put their finger on. The majority of shared thoughts during dream sleep are experienced in this way by people. Hence the feeling when you wake up in the morning that ‘something definitely happened during my sleep last night, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it was?’

Then there are some people who like to be on the surface and experience thoughts with all of their true force. Being on the ‘surface’ can be quite confronting, and sometimes can sweep us away with the sheer emotional power of the thought ripple or form. Of course we don’t dream of a ripple coming over us whilst we sleep. The coded ripple is ‘re-interpreted’ by our psyche and delivered to us in a visceral, HD, full blown dream drama that can feel like it is straight out of a film.

The dream drama could be starring you, and or, the person who had the original thought, and or, any other person that the person who had the original thought was thinking about. The ‘realness’ of such dream experiences can be so clear and emotion-charged that you can wake up feeling like it actually happened, even though it was just a dream or a re-interpreted personal experience of a thought form or ripple.

Now some of you will be thinking to ask what determines which level you are at in the dream pond?

And the truth is, we all move up and down in this pond every night as we go through deeper and lighter stages of sleep. In truth, what I have mentioned so far is quite a simplistic model. For those of you who want to swim with us further, and inch a little closer to understanding, just how complex this system is, please read on.

OK, ready? I’d like you to imagine there are two pilots of your ‘submarine’ position in the pond. During the dream state, it’s your subconscious that has the wheel while the ego or personality is sitting alongside as co-pilot. Visualise that the cockpit has amazing controls and sensors, so that it is able to sense all ripples even from under the water as the pebbles strike, and in some cases even before they strike. So the pilot’s subconscious can make an active decision about whether he or she wants to bring the ship up to the surface to ‘experience the full force of the thought form or ripple’, or raise to mid height just to experience the “undercurrent”.

The subconscious on the one hand wants and needs to expose the personality or ego to enough thoughts and experiences to maintain healthy growth of the individual. But sometimes there will be compromises made due to protestations from the ego co-pilot about keeping the personality stable and leaving enough time to integrate the action from the previous and forthcoming day without heaping too much new emotion-charged drama onto the personality.

Your nightly sleep experience then, is a rising and falling crescendo of re-interpreted experiences of external events, balanced by the safe and ongoing processing of internal ones.

Your subconscious uses tools such as temperature control, heart rate, turning in your bed, waking up, breath control, neurochemical use, brain wave states and other metabolic processes to shift the submarine of your awareness, up and down though the night.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Next article we will go deeper into multidimensional dream thoughtforms, until then, happy dreaming.

Love from your friends at One Third Dream Development.
Damian is a Dream Development educator and practitioner.
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