Running A Business Consciously
by Rachelle Terry

Do we doubt ourselves? Do we feel undeserving? Do we self-sabotage? We will very quickly find this out if we run our own business. A self-run business mirrors our internal state. It holds our spiritual DNA.

In my healing practice, when I help clients to overcome challenges in their businesses, I usually see that their internal, personal blocks and patterns had occurred just before they experienced blocks in their business.

Sadly, when we’re feeling the least focused, directed or confident other people respond with a similar level of ambivalence. The way this appears in the energy field is that the energy is depleted where it is needed but in excess where it is not. For example, the energy that should be focused in the solar plexus (our power center) is missing and instead focuses in the head area (leading to overthinking and analysis paralysis). As a result a wobbliness results.

In larger organisations, several parts create a whole and if one area of the business becomes toxic or unworkable, it may have repercussions in others. When I clairvoyantly look into the energies of larger companies of my clients, I notice there are not only individual but also systemic energy patterns at play.

I asked one client, “Is there enough air and light in this area?” I had conducted our sessions over the phone and used an organizational chart to read and balance the energies of the business.

The location appeared to be stifling and causing lethargy for a specific department. It also appeared that this part of the team was feeling shut out or neglected. My client then realized that the department I was referring to was located in a downstairs room, away from the other offices. I explained that this was impacting on the employees’ moral.

He proceeded to made changes by arranging air purifying plants, better ventilation and a more uplifting environment. He also changed the way he went about including them in the team and helping them to feel more involved.

In some clients’ companies, I have noticed patterns arise around the energy link between some staff members and their managers. Parental patterns are often triggered when dealing with authority. If the family system involved favoritism/neglect, victim/perpetrator, the dynamic would often repeat itself within the teams of the organisation.

If you are currently experiencing struggles in your business, check in with yourself and see if what you are seeing play out in your work is linked to personal belief patterns, fears, or early childhood issues. Try to track when you started to lose your “mojo” and see how that played out in your work, your team ,your finances and your customers. You may find that when you make adjustments internally, the changes will most likely be reflected in your external world.

Self-employment and the path of entrepreneurship can be a very empowering and exhilarating experience. It can also be a strict teacher, challenging us to do more, showing up our weaknesses and testing our strengths.

If we read between the lines, we can become better at identifying the lessons. We can then use our challenges as opportunities to elevate our consciousness, fulfill our purpose and be of greater service to others.

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