by Susanne Marie

What do I mean when I say lightening? What does lightening mean? According to the dictionary app on my phone, (, it is ‘to become lighter or less dark’ or ‘to brighten’. The archaic meaning is’ to shine, gleam or be bright’.

Let us look at some of the ways in which we can lighten our lives. Let me begin with our thoughts. Our thoughts are our constant companions. When we have had something sad or traumatic or frightening happen in our lives our thoughts can darken. The more we focus on those dark thoughts, more fear and sad thoughts come in to our minds and expand and grow. If we are not careful they can begin to dominate. If we are around people who always see the down side of things it can change our own thoughts to less positive ones. To lighten your thoughts, first practise being aware of what you are thinking. Cancel the unwanted thoughts by saying “cancel, cancel, cancel or silently think “I do not agree with that thought”. Then change it to something positive to counteract. For example: If you are thinking how nothing ever goes right for you, then say cancel, cancel, cancel and change your thinking to “I am so lucky that I can always have things go well for me in my life. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Is it time to lighten up your weight? Have you unconsciously been using yours to shield yourself from the heaviness and heavy energies and thoughts of others? Look at how you can change your eating patterns, be medically checked to see if there are underlying medical causes. Have a look at how your beliefs are working against you and if this is where it needs to change, find a thetahealing practitioner who can assist you with identifying and changing beliefs on a deep level. Incorporate stretches and exercise in to your life. Seek the advice of an expert if needed.

Is it time to lighten your load of possessions and transform your life? I have in the past been a collector of objects. Some were necessary but many were not and were adding to my load of possessions. I will never forget a simple lesson learned from one of my sons many years ago when we shared an adventure in Ireland. I was in the habit of buying small souvenirs to give to others on my return. Often I bought a great number in excess to my requirements. Every time my son (a seasoned traveller on a budget for many years) saw me hovering near yet another souvenir shop he would say “Mum, do you really need that?” “Do you have someone in mind for that?” “Is it really necessary?” Needless to say I spent much less on unnecessary things then, and I always still hear his voice when I am about to buy anything I do not really need.

Apart from this, translate it to all that you currently own. Do I need it? Do I love it? Is it in good condition? Does it fulfil any role in my life? Do I use it? Is it unfinished? Your life in general will be much lighter when you clear clutter.

Is it time to lighten your schedule? Do you find that you are so busy that there is no time for self care? Are you so busy that you neglect talking to or seeing friends or family? Have you stopped doing the leisure activities that you love? It may be that it is even starting to affect your health and wellbeing. It is time to stop, take some time out to see what is making your schedule so heavy. Add meditation and listening to your schedule as you refine what is and what is not important. What is an unnecessary time waster? (eg too many hours mindlessly watching whatever come on to the television when you know there are better things you could be doing.) Allocate limited time each day to television, emails and various forms of social media.

Take back control of your own life. Take one step at a time and see where you may be able to make improvements. Little by little work on an area rather than confusing yourself by attempting to do it all at once.

Many of my clients have found that by having two or three one-on-one sessions with me to look at the beliefs blocking them from taking these steps, they can move forward much faster and with a clearer mind. And of course these are all things that I have put in to practice for myself over time and I am enjoying the benefits of them. Enjoy the process of Lightening up your Life Today!!

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