by Susanne Marie

Has your year held many surprises? Have you seen big changes happening this year? Have there been unexpected twists and turns? Have new people entered your life or are there some who are no longer in your life for one reason or another? Have you had the urge to re assess your life? Have you had the urge to clear out clutter? Have you moved house or contemplated moving? Many people I have spoken to and many of my clients have reported to me that there seems to be disproportionately more of this than usual happening.

Let us start with my year. Early this year (after two trips to Sydney, to farewell my older brother and to return for his funeral two weeks later) I felt a strong need to continue to clear clutter from my life. Even though I thought I had done it all! But, of course, I had not. I systematically started to clear excess clothes that were still in boxes or cases waiting for the change of season, a habit I had had for many years. But, of course, there were always things I required that were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I wanted to be able to access it all any time.

A new ‘clearing clutter’ book I read suggested reducing the amount that you own to enable that to happen. Well. I did have what I thought at the time was ‘quite good’ success. I also tackled the linen cupboard with similar gusto and with a similar level of success. I looked more carefully at everything and asked myself what their role was in my life, why did I have it in the first place and does it still have a role.

I settled back a little complacently as energies began to change for the better in my life thinking I had done a great job and that things would be stable for some years to come. I accepted an invitation to teach Intuitive Anatomy (a wonderful three week course) in another state in July. Whilst I was there, I had the opportunity to do more clearing and work on myself as well as my class, and managed to clear many thoughts, blocks, resentments and memories that I had not faced for years.

I came back to Adelaide thinking all was well in hand for an easy last four months of the year. That was not to be. 2 days after arriving back, I was informed by my landlord that the owner’s circumstances had changed and he needed to sell where I was living and without someone living there during sale. Even though I had had no expectation of this I said what I always say “Oh well there must be something better coming.” And of course there was!!

The following day a new house in a much better location with a beautiful garden and lots of space outside and more room inside became available. After negotiation with both owners on dates, it meant that two weeks later I was moving. The temptation was there to expand my belongings to fill the space available in my new house. However, I was strong and resolved and still in possession of the newest clearing clutter book.

Not one thing went in to any cupboard that I did not love, did not have use for now, was damaged or in need of repair. So many more loads to charity from kitchen, linen and wardrobe.

During those weeks I farewelled three more people at funerals, two in their thirties or forties, one in her nineties. More of what has been happening for many this year.

But the best was yet to come! The study. For a number of years my study has had a huge excess of paper and other ‘stuff’ that is absolutely no longer needed. It had become such a crisis that I was finding working in my study, finding necessary and important paperwork and so on had become a major problem for me. This time I was determined to change that. A venture that took every spare minute over many weeks has led to my recycle bin filling to capacity many times and shredding of past important and identifying papers amounted to many large boxes. My goodness. How had I ignored it and put it off for so long? Now I can find all I need quickly and easily. I can tackle any tasks much more quickly and my head is so much clearer. The energy in my study and every other room in the house and in the garden space all feel light and wonderful.

All I can feel now is that I am truly gearing up for a wonderful and exciting 2018!

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