Where does Love fit in?
by Susanne Marie

Where does love fit in this world of ours?

How can we attract or bring more love in to our life?

Today a friend sent me a quote from Rumi. “There is no love greater than love with no object. For then you, yourself have become love itself”

Love is certainly a topic worth pondering and over the last few days I have been thinking a lot about it and observing all the different ways in which love is expressed,

Where does love fit? It is everywhere and should always be uppermost in our minds. Imagine a world where everyone acted through love every day and made it the priority of their lives. How much more peaceful and gentle would our world be if every person determined every day to send unconditional love to all people. Imagine schools where every teacher started the day by sending unconditional love to every child they teach.

One of my first observations was of how many popular songs include love not only in their title, but their content. Songs like Love me Do by the Beatles, Where is Love? from Oliver, Love is a many splendored thing from the 1955 movie of the same name, I just called to say I love you by Stevie Wonder or more recently We Found Love by Rihanna. When I searched online I saw lists of hundreds of songs with love in the title. One way or another we are all looking for love. If we have not then maybe it is time to begin.

Unfortunately, there are still many who have a different way of looking at life and seem to want to spread misery and sadness because of the way they feel due to the circumstances of their life from childhood on. Some do choose to perpetuate that cycle or feel incapable of changing how they feel.

When we focus on love we can change the way our life works. I have seen so many instances from clients who come to see me, who can change the way they feel and how they act in relationships. First and foremost, we work on the relationship we have with ourself and ensure it is the best it can be. By changing our beliefs so that we can truly love ourself and who we are and what we do, we can start to reverse the way our life works. When we show how much we love, honour and respect ourselves, it does not take long before those around us start to treat us with the love, honour and respect that we so deserve.

There are so many ways in which we may have fallen into feeling bad about ourselves. It may be from experience in childhood, it may be from being in an abusive relationship, it may be from our parents’ beliefs or it may be from past life experiences that are still in our consciousness. A good practitioner is able to help to heal all of these differing circumstances.

There are many practical day to day ways to get you started on bringing love in to your life whether or not you choose to work with someone who can help you to change. I will show you some of my favourites.

First of all, love everything around you and show gratitude for all that you already have. When you wake up in the morning, show gratitude. “I am grateful for a comfortable bed to sleep in and that I had peaceful sleep. Thank you for a roof over my head. Thank you for the food I have to eat. Thank you for warm and comfortable clothes to wear.” And so on.

Then look on all that you do with love. Let the world know all the things you love. Some of my favourites are to follow.

As I drive around in the Adelaide Hills, I Love the colours that change with the seasons. Right now, I tell all of the trees how much I love their beautiful cloak of autumn colours and how splendid they are in paving the way to the bare trees of winter. I love the blossoms, the bright flowers of bulbs and the emerging leaves that greet us in the spring.

I tell my car that I love the way it keeps me safe and keeps working well and carries me wherever I need to go and returns me safely home. I love, love the work I do in helping people to find love in their life. I love the clothes and colours I choose to wear. I love and adore every member of my family and know how special they are to me and my life.

And I love my ability to be happy. May you love life and be happy too! Blessings to you.

Susanne Marie is a Theta Healing® Master; Certificate of Science in Theta Healing®; DipTeaching (Prim); Dip Health Sciences(Remedial Massage); Dip Oriental Massage; Healer and Teacher of Theta Healing® for many years.

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