How to Recall & Heal the Wounds of Present & Past-lives,
Pre-birth, & the Birth Experience

by Dr Charles Richards

Dr Charles Richards, bestselling author of “Karmic Relationships: Healing Invisible Wounds”, specializes in Soul Journey therapy, a process he developed and refined which allows clients to recall and heal the invisible emotional wounds of present and past-lives, pre-birth, and the birth experience. Dr Charles Richards’ work has featured on Oprah, the Chopra Center for Well-being and The Other Side, an NBC special. Dr Charles will be touring Australia in 2016 to present his ground breaking work through workshops, individual sessions and practitioner trainings. .

Ever wonder why you were born into a certain family? Why you have a very caring or challenged relationship with your parents, siblings, work associates, friends, or significant other? Who hasn’t met someone for the first time and found him or her so familiar that they became fast friends? Sometimes this familiar feeling shows itself as a spontaneous dislike. It’s all too common, but why and how? This mystery is not unsolvable if you take a closer look at two universal spiritual laws called karma and reincarnation.

This story, from a successful West Coast attorney who came to me for pre-marital therapy, may shed some light. Here is what her session revealed:

“Mine was an arranged marriage to the son of a long line of monarchs. My mother died when I was young. My father was also a monarch. I never felt much for my husband, but we had beautiful clothes, an estate, horses, etc. I was well-cared for, but I didn’t feel much until I had my children. First I had a son and then two daughters. My son was a good child; sweet, loving, and just wanted his mother. We played hide and seek in the garden. He loved it.

He grew up fast and one day came to me and said he wanted to go to the war. I wanted to stop him but couldn’t talk him out of it. I tried to get his father to change his mind, but this also failed. I begged him not to go. I got down on my hands and knees. I didn’t care, for I feared he would be killed. Yet he told me he had to go.

When the time came, I watched him until he was out of site in the carriage that took him away. Later I had a dream about him. During the dream he came to say goodbye. I told my husband and he said, “Don’t worry about it; I’m sure he’s fine.”

I did worry about it. Weeks went by, and by the time there came a knock on the door, I already knew what the message was going to be. He’d been killed. I thought I’d forever be heartbroken. The one perfect thing I did was lost. After the news, I pushed my family away, withdrew, and didn’t eat much. I was not really there for my husband or daughters. My oldest daughter tried to get me out of my self-imposed prison, and ultimately took care of me.

Eventually, I fell sick, developing a fever and chills. I thought, “Just let me die. Maybe I’ll join my son.” By this time, my husband was not there much. One day while deathly ill, I started to get really cold. I heard my son’s laughter in the distance. My daughters, who were huddled around the bed, told me they loved me. A priest came to give me a blessing, and then suddenly I couldn’t feel my body. I realized I’d died.

My son was there to greet me after I left the body.

I now realize that my oldest daughter in that life is my mother in this life. My husband from that life is my father today.

My fiancé, Michael, in this life was the son I lost in that life.”

It was her first Soul Journey (non-hypnotic, past-life experience) in which we sought to determine the cause of the strong, instant recognition, comfort, and attraction she had for her new fiancé. It also gave insight to her need to be on top of things all the time, anticipating what could go wrong. This caused friction between her and her man, who often became the object of her need to always be in control.

The session resulted in an immediate shift for the better in their relationship.

This is a typical example of how karmic relationships from past-lives can influence your behavior in this life. It happens constantly with those surrounding you.

The law of karma says that whatever you do and say comes back to you in like and in kind. Simply put, you reap what you sow. It also requires that you finish today what was unresolved yesterday.

Karma is as impersonal as gravity and mathematically exact. Shame, blame, or the victim game have little significance when you understand and consider karma. Everything that comes into our life for good or ill has its basis in karma. Divine love is the only expression that supersedes it.

A frequent question is: How could you or anyone else set into motion the causes for all things, desirable or not, that befall you during the course of your life? You were already born into many life conditions. Others appear to result from random good and bad luck, or just coincidence.

From a single birth perspective, life can appear very unfair. But is it truly?

The law of reincarnation says that as Soul, we are spiritual beings immersed in a human experience—that this life is just the tip of the iceberg and we are born and reborn again and again until Soul awakens to its true potential. Life after life, our experiences are evaluated and we are sent back for more. Like the long days of a school kid, this continues, it seems forever, through ages of time until we, as Soul, understand and apply the varied manifestations of divine love.

When this happens, Soul graduates to a higher order of expression either here on earth or elsewhere. The goal is continuous refinement in the expression of divine insight. It all starts with Soul being born and reborn in physical bodies.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray, you may have some idea of what divine law requires of us. In the movie, he has to live a day of his life over and over until he learns to be genuinely compassionate and do the right thing. This is the real task of living and the higher purpose behind your many and varied goals in life. Like it or not, such a realization takes painstaking seasoning that simply can’t happen in the span of one lifetime.

So, here we are again. Those you meet and interact with from day to day are Souls you have known before in past-lives. Your ties to them are a karmic mixture of love, passion, challenge, and conflict. You meet again and again to settle old scores, set out on new adventures, or share love and companionship. Often it’s a mixture of all. Hence, you have that old familiar feeling.

As a psychotherapist addressing clients’ past-lives and karmic relationships to resolve blocks, fears, and life challenges, I see this protracted drama being played out daily. These issues or conflicts can go on for years, displaying a stubborn and irrational pattern until their true causes are uncovered and resolved. Often the root of these persistent challenges begins long before you were born into this life. They can be identified by a persistent, irrational, and exaggerated emotional response to a situation, person, event, or action. Even chronic physical complaints with no medical basis can have roots in past lives.

One woman had chronic abdominal pain and required frequent cortisol injections. There was no medical basis for the pain, but a past-life experience uncovered a death from a stab wound while pregnant. After reliving the experience, the pain simply vanished.

Those TV or movie scenes you simply can’t bear to watch, or that injustice that really pushes your buttons can be telltale signs of karmic seeds from past-lives. Scenes from the Holocaust, drug abuse, knife attacks, or slavery are just a few that come to mind having past-life history.

The revelations about your true nature and spiritual potential are endless when you dare to take a closer look at who you are and why you’re here. It may take hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes, but it is really just a matter of time and awareness.

Charles Richards, PhD. is a licensed psychotherapist and author of “Karmic Relationships: Healing Invisible Wounds”. He specializes in Soul Journey therapy, a process he developed and refined which allows clients to recall and heal the invisible emotional wounds of present and past-lives, pre-birth, and the birth experience. His expertise includes facilitating between-life experiences and a process he calls karmic analysis. This is a method of learning the present and past-life karmic influences in your current life and relationships. Dr Charles Richards’ work has featured on Oprah, the Chopra Center for Well-being and The Other Side, an NBC special. Dr Charles will be touring Australia in 2016 to present his ground breaking work to both public and practitioners. For futher information visit

Dr Charles Richards will be touring Australia in 2016 to present his ground breaking workshops, individual sessions and practitioner trainings. For more information, contact LeeAnne at InnerSelf Newspaper on 0468 681 990 or email