The Pathway of Devotion

by Robyn Collins

“After many years of guidance and training in the subtle realms by Spirit guides, loved ones and the Masters, Robyn’s journey of awakening continued to open to a grander, deeper and truer expression of Self/Soul”.

In an altered state of consciousness I experienced my-self as a Cosmic Being, a Being that was translucent, empty and pure. All realms of guides, loved ones and masters had been transcended and this time it was just me as a cosmic being observing and witnessing all of creation.

As I looked out upon the universe, I sensed a more expanded sense of Oneness with all of creation; there was no separation. The universe, the galaxies, the planets were all One in an ocean of eternal Nothingness that was continuously giving birth, more and more, in every second. All of this matter was made of the same original atoms, molecules, and particle substances yet were unique in their appearance and existence, and all were as alive as each other. Before me I witnessed a timeless evolution of galaxies, planets, earth, nature, elements, animals, and humans. I was shown that not only had our bodies arisen within this ocean of consciousness, but sound, our thoughts, and our emotions arose within this space as a temporary manifestation as well.

That entire existence also faded away and dissolved back into the consciousness from which they all had arose. This Universal Consciousness was an infinite, boundless, formless, and timeless space of ultimate bliss and was a love that loved all of creation unconditionally; every single tiny cell was loved the same. The fire, the light, the thunderous explosions of chaotic forces, the oceans, the suns, the ant, the dinosaur, the leaf, the life, and the deaths were all loved equally as part of the universal consciousness that was giving birth unto itself ... as a parent gives birth to a child loving them unconditionally.

It was like being in my very own incredible cosmic light show. The universe was the stage performing before me and the earth another stage moving like a live ball of energy as I watched spirit coming and going in a constant movement of life and death. It was like watching past life, new life, past life, new life, past life, new life—all happening at once as an eternal dance. I could move myself at the speed of light— not as a body and a thought but as what I would call consciousness or seamless participation. I could move as far as I chose, above, below, forward or backward—again, not as a sense of measurement such as here or there but more as effortless participation.

When I realized that I was aware of my observation of these occurrences, I then felt my Self turn that attention to what I was as the one observing—Pure Being. Nothing. I was eternal, transparent, empty, and formless nothingness. I was the same presence of pure, radiant love. That love was the same love that I was experiencing, floating eternally with the entire existence of creation both in form and formlessness.

This time I was part of the whole, the absolute and the relative, the invisible void that was silent and still and the driving impulse and force of creativity that was full and alive. The sense of freedom, joy, and unconditional love was overwhelming. I experienced Universal Consciousness as crystal clear, pristine awareness, unimpeded, unaffected, and unattached to the personal human experience with all its chaos and trauma. Yet this consciousness cared for all of creation because it cared for itself experiencing the journey and its return to knowing the freedom and infinite peace of its True nature. That was, and is, the Soul’s journey and our purpose for being—to remember ourselves as infinite love and broadcast that message to as many people as we can to assist in the awakening of humanity.

The message of total freedom and release from all of human suffering was that there is absolutely nothing that exists in the world of matter that is real or true because everything that is experienced on Earth is just like a dream that came, stayed for a moment, and then faded away. Everything in the form of matter is temporary. Absolutely everything is always in a movement of birth and death, coming and going, a continual movement of impermanency. Yet the only thing that remains permanent and does not move is the Awareness itself (“I”), the calm, still and silent space that is boundless peace—an effortless, unattached, loving space that just simply watches all things come and go. As Universal Beings, we all come from the same place with everything else and our true and permanent essence is formless, conscious love and bliss ... It’s hard to truly express the infinite state of Soul as it is actually nothing, wordless, transparent, and pure, but I will try...

Soul is formlessness, expressing itself as form and wordlessness expressing itself through these words. It is nothing that is expressing itself as everything; it is emptiness expressing itself as wholeness; and it is that which is not a thought having the experience of thoughts. Soul is an absolute, untainted state of light, love, and peace—translucent, pristine, and shimmering.

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