with Sharyna Sharman

Connection. As with everything, we all have a slightly different understanding of the word and what it means to us. How do you relate to the word? What sort of feelings and thoughts are attached to this word for you? Take a minute to think about this. What does connection mean to you?

I believe connection is more than just being close to someone or feeling a pull towards something. It’s who we are. Whether we admit it or not, we are all social animals. We need each other, and not just because it would be boring on our own but because otherwise we would not survive. No matter how unique and individual we each are, every one of us is born with a need for love, sharing and understanding. From a young age we are told that we are each individual and separate people but I began to think that rather than seeing all living things as individual islands in a vast ocean, I see us as the ocean itself. We are what makes the ocean, and those small islands are the physical manifestation of ourselves which create the illusion of separateness. When you look beyond our reality and go deeper you find that we are all one and the same. We are all inexplicably linked on an energetic level which means not only can we see someone’s troubles or sympathise with them, we can actually be affected by them and take on their issues as if they were our own. Some of us are more sensitive than others and are consciously aware that this happens. For others it is unconscious, and they may never realise or notice it.

We all would have experienced how easily someone else’s happy or sad mood can create the same mood in us, or how a room feels after two people have had an argument. This is energy and without that deep connection we all have we would not be able to pick up on these things or react to them. So always remember the link you have to everything else around you. Be aware that your ‘vibe’ or energetic field is quite powerful and what you put out will be reflected back to you, not only by your circumstances and experiences but by the people and animals that come into your life. They are drawn to you for a reason, to help you heal and learn the lessons you need for your personal growth. Accept their help and the lessons they have to share and you will not only release yourself from your troubles and problems, you will release them too.

That’s the beauty of life; we are all in this together. Together we rise and fall, change and adapt and above all, grow.

So take a look around you, at the people and particularly the animals in your life. What do they show you about yourself? What are they mirroring in you? Are there recurrent themes that all of them have, or that keep coming back into your life? Be honest, this is an important step to freeing you and them from the cycle. Even though the people in your life are there for a reason and do reflect your inner self back to you, I find it a lot easier to use animals for this process, if you have any.

I say this because after a lifetime of being around many different animals, particularly horses, I started noticing how much they tune into us and reflect and mirror our emotions, thoughts and behaviours back to us. Animals are all highly sensitive and far more connected to all of their senses than we are today which means they have a great ability to pick up on our ‘stuff’, be it mental, physical, emotional or spiritual and will be very honest and compassionate about sharing this.

They do this without concern or hesitation to help you on your journey. Tune into them, listen to what they tell you and you will open yourself up for a powerful healing journey of self-discovery. We are here to help each other, and by doing so we all improve together. Don’t be afraid to connect in with those around you.

And the next time you feel alone, unhappy or down remember the deep bond you have with the life around you, whether you currently feel it or not. If you have a pet, spend some time with them. Meditate with them. If you don’t, go outside and spend time in nature. Go for a walk, meditate and tune in. By connecting to the things around you in a conscious and quiet way you are taking the first step to connecting and learning more about yourself.

Sharyna Sharman is the owner and founder of Consciously You and specialises in Equine Assisted Coaching, using the principles of Compassion, Connection and Commitment to help clients better understand themselves and the deep connection we have to each other. She works with individuals, couples and groups and also offers workshops and clinics. Contact 0431 922 407 or for more information.