by Dr Darren Weissman

Discovery is an act of finding out or learning for the very first time something about yourself and life that you were previously unable to recognize.

Life, in its mysterious ways gives us many opportunities to discover the wisdom of our bodies, the nature of our personalities, and the powerful blessing of love. Are you ready to discover the blessing of love buried within you?

Memories – especially unprocessed ones – hold very special clues for the journey of awakening.

Like an archeological dig to uncover the treasures of a lost civilization, unprocessed memories reveal themselves through experiences such as physical or emotional symptoms, pain, or the perceptual lens we have of both our inner and outer life. Symptoms, stress, and dis-ease are portals through and to an invisible subconscious world.

In the past 22 years of holistic practice, I have witnessed an undeniable pattern and connection between the physical and emotional symptoms we all experience and unprocessed emotionally charged memories.

Viewing the problems you’re facing as clues to reveal the uncharted Universe within you is the essence of discovery.

Change can be scary. Based upon the way circumstances are lining up, change can trigger anxiety, worry, anger and helplessness. Regardless, hope lives in change. A seed is planted in the darkness of fertilized soil (shit) grows toward the light. So do we! Sometimes what makes change overwhelmingly stressful is we haven’t discovered what we perceive as the breaking point. Nobody chooses to be stressed, let alone experience the painful changes that lead to stress, however your choice and power comes from not what happened to you but how you respond. As with anything that has endured the stress of change, such as a tree that endures a storm, your strong roots will grow deeper and protective bark will grow thicker. Hope is your nature and grows deep within change.

Viewing Problems as Portals
Falling prey to a limited veil of perception that you have bad karma, can’t catch a break, or that you’re doomed because of the genes you’ve inherited is a maze that will only keep you cycling in a black hole. Remember, at the point of complete darkness is the beginning of light. Today is a great day to discover just how bright you really are!

3 Discovery Action Steps:

STEP 1: Before you get to where you’re going it’s imperative to understand where you are in the process of change. Take inventory of what’s stressing you out, what’s causing you to feel stressed - write it down. Is it the physical symptoms of your body? Lack of money? Unfulfilling relationships? Fear of the future? Next to each stressor, list the associated emotion. Would you choose to feel this way? Hell No! These are portals for discovery.

STEP 2: Discovery is an act of desire. Now, write down what your heart desires to feel regarding each stressor. Focus on where you’re going rather then what you want to get rid of. Creating clarity of vision is a crucial step that only your heart can make. Sit down in a quiet space – take as long as you need (it might only be a minute!) – and listen to the wisdom of your heart. Does your heart desire peace? Confidence? Love? Go for it with all you’ve got! See how your body feels now as you breathe into your truth.

STEP 3: Find a Certified LifeLine practitioner to walk you through the steps of remembering the truth of who you are without the lens of perception you have been looking through. (I will be in town teaching an amazing one day process next year to do just that and more. Hope to see you there!)

Whatever you do allow yourself to shine brightly! With Infinite Love and Gratitude, Dr Darren Weissman