The Human predicament
by David Lane

Do you want to live in a healthy civilisation on a healthy planet? Do you want to gain greater control of your life, have spiritual and financial wealth, happiness, better relationships and health thus inspire and influence others? If so; you need to take action.

The state of the world we live in is not very healthy and many people are worried about whether the human race can survive unless we change the way we do things. Who is to blame? The answer to that mainly depends on how we see the world.

Those in the firing line of blame include; governments, corporations, religions, institutions, cultures and countries. The one common denominator amongst all of these is that they are run and controlled by humans. If humans are the problem then It would be a lot more constructive if we switched from the blame game to getting serious about understanding why the human race has gone down this path.

One issue or common denominator seems to stand out when I look at and try to understand the big picture of this problem. The problem of individuality versus unity. Humans enjoy the freedom of being an individual along with the free will and freedom of choice that come with it. However the negative side of this individuality creates separation. Separation is one of the main causes of fear. There is another part of us that seeks unity and group consciousness. A by-product of this is the safety and a form of love that comes in being a member of a group. The seeking of unity and group consciousness is innate within all of us because it is a pathway back to the ‘Oneness’ which we all desire whether we are conscious of it or not. The ‘Oneness’ where we all resided before the original separation took place.

Here lies a huge problem; we want both! We want the deeper connection of a loving consciousness that comes with the unity of belonging to a group. We also want our freedom of choice that comes with individuality. Separation and unity are opposite polarities so how can we ever bring them together? Fortunately for us; there is a way. We have to learn to amalgamate the two opposites and thus finding the balance between the two. It is the balance that brings the harmony.

The power that a few enjoy when they control or are in charge of the many is very selfish because it is mostly about the self. A common human perception is that power and wealth create security and safety. The illusion is that the more we have of these; the safer we become. The powerful and wealthy strive for more to feel even safer and so the divide between the ‘haves and the have-nots’ deepens. Very few leaders have the ‘highest good for all’ in their hearts even if they think they do. These are the same people that are in charge or heavily influence the direction that governments, corporations, religions, institutions, cultures and countries take. These leaders are not likely to see or want to change the status quo so how can we change this situation? Having said that, I recognise that there are exceptions to this norm and there are good leaders with good hearts in this world.

The change all starts with every individual and this is the first level that we must work on. We change our selves and the world around us will change. This grass roots type action is essential because we have to change ourselves first. Once a small percentage of us change this will trigger the momentum needed for mass consciousness to shift. The change has to start at the bottom and work upwards – not the other way around. Our hearts need to be open and our minds focused on the love and unity found in group consciousness. It all starts with you and me.

When you find your own inner power and strength then you will have the basis to develop spiritual and financial wealth, happiness, better relationships and health; thus you will automatically inspire and influence others to find their own. Remember the spiritual teaching of “love your neighbours like you love yourself”. This statement makes sense because we cannot genuinely love another more than we love our self. If we try to then the energy of that love will on some level be superficial.

There are very encouraging signs that the momentum of the love energy is building worldwide. One of the most recent examples is the masses in France that came together in one huge peace march against the terrorist attack. There is a sense of real joy as we watch the loving power that is being generated by these wonderful responses to fear. Love will prevail!

David Lane Laneway to Personal David Lane’s journey into higher consciousness includes many understandings drawn from a diverse range of information. He believes that we are all individuals who have come to tread our own unique path. David’s book is titled ‘Personal Power (e-book and paper back). It is about how we evolve our consciousness and how to monitor our journey and is available online.