by Susanne Marie

Don’t Panic!!!!! There have been a number of times in past years when I have had to remind myself of this when facing a challenging situation. This is especially so when it involves a major change in thinking or a major change in physical living arrangements or an unexpected financial challenge.

What I then always tell myself is that there is always a solution to every challenge we face.

Moving house is considered to be one of the most stressful and challenging things that can happen in our lives along with bereavement, divorce, separation or starting a new job. There are others too and they are well documented. I have had more than my share, I think, of having to move house for various reasons outside of my control. But were they? Maybe on some level I was the one to create them.

Whenever I am confronted with a change I now do a number of things. Let us use the example of moving house. Firstly I sit down and look for all of the challenges in the situation. What was it that I was not entirely happy with in the current house? What did I feel that was changing in my life? Was I comfortable in moving forward with those changes? Was it going to be difficult? Would I be able to do it alone? Would anyone be willing to help me? Was it just too difficult to do anything about?

Then I look at the blessings. There are always many. Do I need to do some major clearing of clutter? Is the house no longer suitable for my requirements and therefore I am being given the unique opportunity to make changes for the better? Can I help others by donating some of my excess furniture? Can I move to a different location more suited to my current needs ? Do I need a change of scenery?

Once I have done this I may pull some cards from one of my many packs of Angel cards. It is wonderful when you ask, to receive messages like “Go Forward Fearlessly” from Archangel Michael. Whew! My thinking is on the right track. What action should I take? Go ahead and make plans.

So I sit down and write lists. I love writing lists. They help me to clarify what I need to do. I never look at what I do NOT want....only what I want. What do I want? I want a place of tranquillity and peace. I want somewhere where I can feel comfortable, in pleasant surroundings, lots of trees and a beautiful outlook. I list my specific practical must haves, those that would be nice but I can live without them and then think of all that will help me to feel comfortable and at ease with my surroundings. Most consistent in those lists for a very long time is to be in a beautiful hills area that has a lovely outlook. Tranquillity is vital to my serenity. Having a harmonious relationship with neighbours is important.

There are many other things but each time I am able to quickly find a property that fulfils all that is on my current list. It took me a whole two hours in the most recent move I made to find exactly what I was looking for. I am now happily settled in the beautiful Adelaide Hills town of Woodside nestled amongst trees and with large doses of peace and serenity and with the opportunity to become part of a very special community.

My next lists are planning what I take with me, what I am willing to part company with, working out which charities to support with donations and how to go about the logistics of moving.

I always give thanks for the home I have been living in and thanks for the opportunity to move forward and change in a safe way. I always trust that everything will happen smoothly, easily and effortlessly in the highest and best way for the highest good.

The next challenge of change is to unpack.. I now make sure to take my time and thoughtfully look at everything before I find somewhere for it to be placed. I check if I love it, if it is still relevant in my life, if it is in good condition, if it suits my current life and if I have room for it. If it meets all of my requirements, I find a place for it. If not it either is donated, recycled or put in the bin. It takes a little longer to be settled in but it is worth it. I cleanse and bless everything in my home.

I feel blessed that I am always up to the challenge of change!

Susanne Marie is a Theta Healing® Master; Certificate of Science in Theta Healing®; DipTeaching (Prim); Dip Health Sciences(Remedial Massage); Dip Oriental Massage; Healer and Teacher of Theta Healing® for many years.

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