Seasons in time
by Susanne Marie

Autumn is my favourite season! I had a wonderful discussion with a beautiful spiritual colleague about the seasons, over a delicious dinner at the Balhannah Hotel in the Adelaide Hills very recently. We were there reminiscing about a loving soul who had passed to the light a few years ago, a very dear and special friend. We both knew her well and were there with her in her final days. She always makes her presence felt whenever we meet together. A lively time of memories follows. I am sure she prompted our discussion. We were reflecting on the delights and challenges of change in our lives. The work that we do becomes an instrument of change. Changing beliefs helps us to more easily make necessary changes in our lives with great facility and joy.

Life is very much about the seasons of life. In it we learn to take the good with the bad. We have stages when we have rapid physical, spiritual, mental or emotional growth and other times when all seems at a standstill. We learn how to take the good with bad, how to focus on the good and leave behind the bad. When we experience challenging or difficult times it brings out the colours in our character, making up part of the kaleidoscope of our life. As we experience the seasons, take the time to look for and see the beauty in yourself. How do you see yourself through all the seasons?

Being in the Adelaide Hills as I am means I get to clearly see the changes in the seasons. Autumn is such a time of glorious colour. Witnessing the colours of the leaves as they change and fall from the trees is a delight to behold. The beautiful warm days with loads of sunlight contrasted with a sudden burst of heavy autumn rain, which is so cleansing and refreshing to the soul, is one of the many thousands of reasons why I have chosen to live in Aldgate, Crafers and Stirling for most of my adult life. Walk along the main street of many hills towns in autumn and observe the riot of colour. It is uplifting to the soul and the world feels great. It is a time for looking at the beauty of life.

Autumn is a time of preparation for nesting in for the winter to follow. Winter, by contrast is a time when many trees have lost their leaves. There can be a feeling of bleakness or starkness. At the same time, look on it as a time of nurturing of the soul, of staying indoors and snuggling up in a rug or by the heater. Use the winter as a time of reflection, use it as a time of decision making, of planning and of gratitude. Sit in the warmth and be thankful for a cosy home and warm clothes and food to eat. Reflect on all that you are grateful for in your life. Focus on all of those things and see more of them appear as you focus on them.

It can also denote the winter of our life. Moving on to the last days of life can be a challenge for many. See it as a time of witnessing the circle of life being completed. See it in the light of love and the fulfilment of all you have come to this life to achieve. Be thankful for all that you have achieved in your life.

After the winter comes the spring with its riot of colour reflected in the trees with blossoms, new leaves and the many seasonal spring flowers and bulbs that erupt and ask you to notice them. It is a time of new life, of new love and of new beginnings. Be excited. Do some spring cleaning and start afresh to clear clutter from your life both physically and figuratively. Start to emerge from your winter shell and reach out to others with a feeling of joy and anticipation.

Summer is a time of warmth and happiness and enthusiasm. It can also denote the best times we have experienced in our lives. I always thought it was great when we reached the summer each year. There was lots of warmth and lots of sunshine. It was not until I had an Australian summer, then spent 5 months in the United States of America during their summer and then came back to- yes you guessed it- another Australian summer, that I realised fully the value of the contrasts of the seasons and the changes they bring.

See your life as a series of seasonal changes. Embrace those changes. Accept that life means change. The more fully you are able to embrace change, the more you are mastering life and the more fulfilled you will feel.

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