The Pathway of Devotion

by Robyn Collins

In today’s time of global conscious evolution, humanity is no longer required to live from a place of temporary spiritual participation but to participate in a life of true commitment, devotion & embodiment. In our spiritual meetings, workshops and retreats over the past few years we have come across a common thread amongst so many who are totally exhausted from seeking spiritual knowledge wisdom and experience. After years on the path many feel a profound sense of being unfulfilled and confused which continues to result from a deep yearning to rest in an effortless and seamlessly peaceful life. Many have spent years learning a multitude of practices, workshops and theories and realize it is now time to STOP the old paradigm practices that give us a temporary “quick fix or feel good” and live in every moment and in every breath to the desired union of the Soul. This union does not come in the way of personification or devotion to a deity, entity or god outside of ourselves but to a conscious living choice of devotion of the love and joy of the true nature of the Self (Life force/ Soul) at the very core of our heart and in the essence of consciousness in the entire existence. Metaphorically, a Soul Reset is as simple as pressing a reset button that deletes all old files collected over lifetimes of human conditioning and creates a clear slate from which to live life in every instant liberated, free and awake - with no need for a specially designed “Way” based on man’s thinking mind and understanding that is still grounded in realms of illusion. In my first book “Return to Soul” one of the most important things I share as a way to fully awaken to your natural state of soul consciousness is through the attitude (standpoint) of Commitment. When you make a Commitment to practicing your true nature’s loving eternal presence, you will find that the peace that awakens within you will also surround you and continue to grow in every aspect of your life. This means that all of your mind, all of your energy, all of your gifts and all of your awareness must become committed to being the presence of your true essence which is no longer bound by attachments and fixations of the body and mind but of your nature as infinite, eternal, formless, magnificent Being. This is an Absolute Truth and there is not one person, or one thing that can do this for you. Although there are many “pointers” to give you a taste of the truth, your Commitment is the essential attitude to attaining Self Realisation with Oneness in all things in the present eternal moment. You must not do it just because your friends are doing it, you must not do it just for your parents, You must not do it, not for your spouse, You must not do it,not for your brother or your sister, You must not do it, just for the sake of the planet or for the sake of the universe, you must not do it to join a group and to feel better, you must not do it for anything else but for the TRANSFORMATION OF YOUR SELF , for when you do it for your are doing it for all of creation - which is you. Your true Self is what the Universe created and that Self calls out to you to honour it, by awakening to the illusions that you have allowed your-self to believe in your mind, and to now become wholly committed to living the Presence of Love. When you commit, you transcend the world of confusion, pain, and suffering that you once believed in, and you reclaim the world that rests in perfect union with the reality of Universal Truth, Liberation, and Love. When you make a deliberate decision to commit to something, nothing will prevent you or stand in the way of accomplishing your goal. Commitment isn’t just a daily pose or prayer, commitment isn’t just attending a weekly development group or church, commitment isn’t attending a weekend workshop, commitment isn’t attending a retreat or pilgrimage, commitment IS about consciously being aware of your every single breathing moment and recognizing when you aren’t aware and reacting from fear, unhealed trauma and separation from your divine true nature and LOVING your Self in order to heal and transform life. My undying commitment was to put an end to that little nagging voice that never felt fulfilled and always knew that there was something missing throughout those years of searching. Your commitment is already shown here in your quest to reading these words. By committing to a SOUL RESET you will discover a sense of rising above the mundane, liberation and freedom which is the awaking of the Soul at the very core of your being.

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