Living Authentically in 2016
with Nicole Cody

Most people I know who are ruled by ‘time’ (days governed by unrelenting expectations of productivity) are disconnected from themselves, each other, and the natural world. Work, rush and worry occupy every space in their lives. There is never enough time! And that feeling of ‘running out of time’ always leads to pressure, stress, exhaustion and depression. Does that sound like you?

In 2016, you can change how you relate to time by changing how you relate to the world around you. In this place of flow and grace, you’ll find a natural rhythm and a calm wisdom that guides you towards making better choices, so that your life feels rich instead of fleeting. When we honour our connection to the world around us, and to the people, places and activities that matter to us, our relationship to time changes – we get out of our heads and back into our bodies and our hearts. We begin to live more authentically. An authentic life is a life that is deliberate, aware and filled with meaning.

So how do you get started? Find a spare few hours, and a quiet space, and then answer these simple questions. Write your responses in a journal, where you can refer back to them, or expand on them at a later date. What you are trying to discover is what matters most to you.

Cherished Dreams: Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do or become, or a place you want to visit, or an activity you want to try? If it’s something you have already dabbled at, but there’s not enough space in your life for that thing right now, add some stars beside it!

Health and Lifestyle: Health matters. Without it, life becomes that much harder, our options fewer. What do you know you need to do to have better health? I’m not just talking good nutrition and exercise. Maybe you need to get rid of credit card debt so you can sleep at night, maybe it’s time to move, or change jobs, or make other changes so that you have the time, the resources, the support and the inner happiness to embrace living healthily, and to have longevity to get done all the things that you love to do.

Place: Where does your heart sing? Inner city, wild coastlines, small towns, mountains? Art galleries, op shops, concerts and cafes. If you can’t live there, can you visit? Can you find a way to include some of that energy in your life this year?

Nature: Nature matters. Spending time outdoors, sunshine, standing barefoot on sand and grass, walking in the rain, sitting under a tree, eating fresh food, gardening, caring for animals, listening to the birds – all of these things heal us and help us. We are all interconnected, and part of the greater whole. How much time do you spend in nature?

Heart Space: Who matters to you? Family, friends, lovers, people who share your interests? Relationships and interaction enrich our lives, and help us to grow, to heal, and to be uplifted. Life is nothing without love. We all need support, and we all have wisdom to share with others.

Heart Purpose: Using our talents and gifts gives us emotional satisfaction. It might be paid work, or the pay might be measured in satisfaction rather than money. It might not even be your day job – you’ll know this work by how it makes you feel: you’d do it even if you weren’t getting paid.

Fun Stuff: Surfing, eating mangoes, cryptic crosswords, travelling, music, garage sales, playing with the dog or the kids in the backyard, entertaining, reading, napping in hammocks. This is the magic of life, and often these pleasures are quite ordinary, and easy to include in our day, or our year.

By making small windows of time for what really matters in our life – an hour for the gym, one night a week for art class, family dinner at the table instead of in front of TV, weekends camping or exploring the inner city – life’s texture begins to change and we begin living with integrity and authenticity. These simple actions are a solid beginning. – and they can be world changing. 2016 – honour the energy of change, starting with yourself.

2016 promises to be a year that truly supports us to make positive changes in our lives, and to grow towards our dreams. It’s a year for self-expression, creativity and putting our best selves and our best ideas out into the world. Let’s make the most of that!

Wishing you every happiness, and an abundance of health, love, soul growth, creativity and good fortune for the coming year. Love and Light, Nicole xx

Nicole Cody is a Metaphysical Teacher and Channel. She specialises in Life Direction Counselling and Spiritual Mentoring. For more information contact 07 3256 0815 or Visit her blog: for lots of free meditations and support for 2016 or find her on Facebook. Light and Blessings be Yours!