Building Bridges
by Anthony Craig

The theme for Eurovision 2015 was building bridges and it is a very timely reminder for us all to reflect on. Given the number of scientific discoveries over the past decade or so and the continuing evidence from the new sciences, it is more than evident that science and spirituality are coming together as one again. However it also places many of us at risk again from the few who seem to want to dominate this planet. We are already seeing evidence of this in government policies and the effects of big business decisions worldwide. How do we combat this? By choosing to build the right bridges.

We now know that our thought forms affect everything and our consciousness is ever evolving and expanding. We must be ever so careful of what we think and verbalise as it continues to give life to that reality. If we look around at what is happening in our society and all the ongoing statements, news, television, etc that perpetuate what is currently happening, we can see the need for us to modify our thoughts if we want society to change. The choice is ours.

By reflecting on what we truly want and choosing our thoughts, and verbalisations carefully we can change reality. It may take some time but consciousness and our reality can shift. The more people that make informed choices will speed this up.

One bridge we can choose to build is to work on ourselves. How do we do this? We may need to modify our thoughts so we can produce and focus on the outcomes we desire. Reflection (or meditation) is a good start, allowing us to clarify what it is we are seeking. Using the new forms of healing such as Spectra Healing also allows us to connect with who and what we really are – our Higher self and the perfection that we are multi and inter-dimensionally. As we connect through light, sound, brain and heart we allow the chemical and mathematical codings that we need to enter our body’s cells and DNA to bring healing and balance on all levels - physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional.

As we bring healing and balance into our body to move it towards its natural perfection we also receive a side benefit of a changing and awakening consciousness. This helps to bring forth improved clarity on what we really need to do and we can begin to build further bridges.

We must choose to reduce our exposure to that which is intended to harm us or keep us dumbed down. Remember that just the exposure perpetuates the reality. This exposure on many levels has existed in multiple ways through our entire lives. The increased awareness and clarity we are now beginning to have helps us to see the width and breadth of what we have been exposed to.

We must recreate our environment by carefully monitoring our thoughts and speech. We must change our television viewing habits, the news we watch and even the music we listen to. Otherwise we are just choosing to remain repressed. It really is up to us to effect change. Be careful of the topics you discuss (for example conspiracy theories) and thereby give further life and energy to. Talk about the future rather than the past, a future that you really want rather than a future based around potential damage from other’s actions.

We need to move towards a sustainable ecological solution. Many of our illnesses would be preventable, or made less common, by a few lifestyle changes. External western societal pressures in current day life have a lot to answer for. Think about the products you use, the chemicals that are entering your body through your skin, the foods you eat, the amount of processing, chemicals and preservatives that are added, fast foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks and the list goes on and on. Make the change to healthier foods and therefore a healthier body.

Once we have started to work more on ourselves we can build other bridges into the community and other parts of the world. Think about the world around and the effects other people’s actions have on it. Are their actions fulfilling a responsibility to the community with healing and compassion or are they designed to fulfil their own agenda? People talk of universal love and personal freedoms but do they change their mindset to create this reality or do they continue on with their old thoughts and actions. Are their (and your) thoughtforms really going to move us towards positive change and reduce the repression that currently exists?

Healing and balance not only on a personal level but also extended outwards more broadly is very, very necessary at this time. Become in tune with others who think similarly, reduce your exposure to the negativity around you, monitor your thoughts, actions and speech to truly make this world a better place for all not just an elite few. To find out more, come to an information session or workshop on SPECTRA Healing. Practitioner training is also available. For more information or to contact and arrange an event in your area visit

Anthony Craig is the founder (along with Divine Intelligence) of Spectra Healing and Spectra Activating Consciousness and a certified Hypnotherapist and Social Worker. Based in Adelaide he travels extensively as an Instructor and Practitioner, educating and expanding new healing work locally and worldwide and is available as a guest speaker. Regular information sessions, workshops and seminars are held. See website for details in your area. Anthony is also available for appointments ph: 0412 832 664. For further information visit