with Elisabeth Jensen

The first Spiritist Centres in Brazil were established about 120 years ago inspired by the writings of the Frenchman Hippolyte Denizard using the pen name of Allan Kardec. His books The Spirits Book, The Mediums Book and The Gospel Explained by The Spiritist Doctrine were published between 1857 to 1865 and rapidly gained popularity in Europe. Rather than a Religion, Spiritism is a way of life of service to others by cultivating the gifts of energy healing and mediumship.

Mediumship training in the Brazilian Spiritist Centres is offered free but it’s an intense three years of study with the focus being on receiving healing energies and messages mainly from high level “Benevolent Entities” and releasing any negative discarnates around or within their patients. Healers are also trained to give energy healing passes to patients with a range of moderate diseases right through to Cancer and Schizophrenia. There are thousands of Spiritist Centres in Brazil that many people attend by either donation or for free to receive treatments. There are even specific Psychiatric Hospitals utilising medication combined with Spiritist Treatments that document highly successful outcomes. Treatment takes time still in most situations – from about one week to several years.


The best known of these is the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil also best known as the Casa of John of God, the world famous Psychic Healer. Casa simply means House and Dom Inacio is Saint Ignatius – yes, the Roman Catholic Saint famous for starting the Jesuit Order.

Many Brazilians are Roman Catholics and combine their Spiritual Beliefs with Spiritist Traditions of Alternative Health Care and Personal Spiritual Evolution. While most centres are headed up by one very gifted Healer and Medical Intuitive they are supported by many other highly trained healers and mediums as they do their healing work.

Many centres are located in areas that are known to be portals for higher level Spirits to visit and in the case of the Casa of John of God over many crystalline rock beds. So they naturally support the healing work of humans and the intense Healing Current builds up in the surrounding area.

In Abadiania the whole town is known to be part of the Spiritual Hospital of the Casa and the healing works even as the visitors sleep in their surrounding Pousadas or Hotels.


By acting as Human Batteries Healers and Mediums in Spiritist Centres generate much healing energy during meditation that spreads throughout a large area and draws many Saints, Angels and Evolved Spirits to assist during Spiritual Healings and Surgeries. Only a very few healers in recent times offer physical surgeries like John of God does but many of the Spirits who attend were often Medical Doctors themselves in Past Lives so know how to do these things invisibly still.

Sitting in Current is a highly beneficial process for the Healers and Mediums as well as it allows the Benevolent Entities to give them healing as well. There are a number of well documented cases of patients being healed of life threatening diseases such as cancer simply by sitting in the current at the Casa of John of God.

These profound healings can also occur at other Spiritist Centres as well.


Sometimes clients diagnosed with psychiatric conditions in the Spiritist Tradition – as in the Shamanic Tradition also – are recognised as really powerful mediums that do not realise their abilities plus fear and stress draws mischievous spirits to them causing confusion and they receive harmful and hurtful messages instead of positive ones. The work of Dr Emma Bragdon PhD* in her book Spiritism & Mental Health is an excellent resource on this complex topic.


Spiritists do much healing work in specific hospitals in Brazil and now USA. I see their system of energy healing methods being similar to Therapeutic Touch that as a Registered Nurse I used in many hospitals and taught to many Nurses. The main different was Mediumship and Spirit Releasement was not acceptable in hospital situations then so eventually I needed to move into private practice to continue my healing work.

As I continue my research to study the healing methods of the great Spiritist Healers such as John of God I invite you to consider that much of our healing needs to come from our own Soul.

So while modern medicine continues to reply on chemical and surgical methods to heal in reality with a little Spiritual help many health conditions respond very well or even with a much higher success rate without these interventions. It is my hope that the more affordable and spiritually uplifting path of Energy Medicine will play its rightful part in the future of Health Care in Australia as it does in other parts of the world and has done for thousands of years in the past.

ELISABETH JENSEN is the Principal of Auset Temple Healing and also teaches her Angel Miracles and Hypnosis Courses in Adelaide, Melbourne and in Singapore plus leads Spiritual Pilgrimages to the Casa of John of God in Brazil. For more details please visit www.elisabethjensen.com.au or www.facebook.com/ElisabethJensenIMS Phone 08 83874318. *Emma Bragdon PhD will be teaching in Australia in April Please visit www.imhu.org