with Susanne Marie

Do you know what you want in your life? What are the most important things that you want to achieve? Do you think clearly about a dream and when you actually achieve it, feel like it is the end of the line? What is the most successful manifestation that you have so far achieved in your life?

A lot of questions but do you know how to get answers? There have been many publications, books, CDs, DVDs, magazines and online forums giving ideas about manifesting your dreams. I always use the techniques learned in Thetahealing® to achieve my manifestations and to teach to my students. However, there are many of the above mentioned publications you can also choose to help you. We can also use signs from the universe along the way to reassure us that we are on the right track. We can meditate as we search for answers.

Do all our dreams have to be large or are small ones just as important? What about our idealistic goals for our future life? I trust that you will ponder some of these questions when on your own path of discovery and achievement.

As some of you who have read my writings over a number of years may realise, I, like many others have been on quite a journey. Change has been a large feature of my recent history and indeed longer term. When my path needs to change I often find that I get clear messages that I need to go in a different direction.

For example in one of my activities, I omitted to complete recent paperwork by deadlines, which then automatically precluded me from participating in that line of work further. On reflection, I realised that for quite some time I had been reluctant to continue to pursue that interest as it was scattering my energy and my focus away from those pursuits that were much more important. I did not make a decision so it was forced on me. In that case I made a decision by not making a decision. Not always the best way.

A much better way to make a decision and a choice is to consider all the options and then proactively decide on a chosen path. Once chosen it is then up to you to make it happen in the way you want it to. Decide on the event and the outcome. Decide on what you want to have included in that choice.

For example, a number of years ago I made a big decision to go to the USA to study Thetahealing® for some months. Once I actually decided to go, after tossing ideas back and forward for a while, things quickly fell in to place and I felt reassured that I had made the right decision. Amongst many indicators I received, I went on line just as a ridiculously cheap airfare to my destination was revealed. I booked my flight. I applied for a scholarship for the first subject I was to do and heard that it had been granted. When I arrived at the airport to depart, I was told I had been upgraded in my seating. Wow! What fun it was and another confirmation I was on the right track.

Earlier in the process I had taken pen and paper and clarified exactly what I wanted and how I wanted to achieve it. I dreamed about it, I wrote about it, I talked about it and felt the energy of it. I thought about how it might change my life. I achieved it all and much, much more.

Often when I am making a decision I will go for a walk to help clarify my thoughts. Sometimes as I walk I may question a decision. That is when I will sometimes ask the question of the Universe. The answers come in many ways, but one I loved was when making a major life decision. I was a little scared about whether I was seeing the situation correctly, but felt for my health and wellbeing it was a necessary choice. As I was walking along a path I had been on many times before, I suggested that if it was the right decision that maybe I could be shown a sign. Not far along the track, there was a white fluffy tiny feather which I often see as a confirmation but as if that was not enough, a few metres further there was a second one, then a third and a fourth fluffy white feather. I laughed and felt reassured! As it turned out it was an excellent decision as I acted on it soon after!

Never think about what you do NOT want but always stay with clarifying what you want and then MANIFEST!

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