with Susanne Marie

Every year at some stage I feel the need to reiterate some of my thoughts about love. It is one of my favourite topics. Today is that day for 2016.

For most of my life that I can remember, I have thought that love is so very important. Even when I was a young child I often used to wonder why anyone would want to find something nasty or hurtful to say to anyone .It used to make me feel sad to see others who were hurting physically, mentally or emotionally. Why do some people seem to find pleasure in saying things that are nasty and hurtful and lead to someone feeling upset. I often wondered why anyone could be like that. I still do wonder but I realise that some people make that choice for some reason or another. Some of those reasons can be hurtful and profound. I feel that all who behave in such a way are just passing on deep hurts that they felt at some stage. Often we emulate what is modelled to us in our home.

At the age of eleven I remember making a conscious choice to try to be as nice as I could to those around me. I am sure I did not always succeed but I was starting to gain an awareness of it and I really tried to do my best. Unfortunately when things do not turn out the way we want, we look for someone to blame. Part of the key is to fully take responsibility for our part in whatever is happening. Not easy to do. If you are a parent, help your children to take responsibility for their actions and gently remind them that in every negative interaction, they need to look at what part they play.

If a child (or adult) says “s/he made me do it”, advise them to say” I allowed myself to do...” Teach them how to always be responsible for their own actions. Talk to them in a gentle loving way after the heat of the moment has passed.

I remember when I was still teaching children in schools, there were many days when a child would come in and say that everything in the world was awful and that they hated everyone and everything and that nothing could possibly go right in their world. We would then have a class discussion on the choices we make. We used to say that we could choose to have a good day or a bad day and that it was up to us.

Over the years I have heard about prominent successful people who have made great life choices every day. They choose to begin each day by choosing to be happy and to be grateful for all that they have in their lives. Very quickly positivity and giving out of love grows and multiplies. I have heard many motivational speakers say similar things.

Prophets from many religions on this earth have spread the message to love one another. If you are in the midst of a disagreement with someone else, experiment with stepping out of the argument and taking time out. Then sit, close your eyes and consciously send out universal light and love to that person. Visualise them wrapped in a cloak of light and love. Stay in that position and do similarly as often as you are able. Think of anyone that you have an issue with. Concentrate on sending them forgiveness and love. Visualise the situation being resolved easily. I have been able to turn around a tricky situation a number of times by doing no more than this.

If you have participated in a theta class go in to the theta brain wave and access unconditional love and send it to anyone you feel needs to improve how they feel.

The most important PERSON TO SEND LOVE TO IS OF COURSE YOUR OWN SELF. Look at yourself in the mirror with love and compassion and send love love love to you. See what a loving person you are. Then go out further and think of those people in your life who may need some extra love.

“What is the point of doing this? Why should I? It won’t achieve anything.” If you think any of these then tell yourself that the love vibration of every person counts. Send that love out to the world. See if we can, as a collective consciousness, change the energy of the world. I think that we can and it is just that we need to start somewhere.

‘What difference could we make to our world if we all were to consciously send out love to all people in the world every day?

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