by Fran Tomlin

OK, so imagine we are all each of us one of those “Energiser “ bunnies i.e ‘turn the battery on & off they go’...Think robotic for ‘expected behaviours’ in relation to when their button is pushed to ‘ON’ .

Then imagine that instead of just one button for ‘on’ , we are also all wearing a full metal jacket primed with many buttons & subsidiary buttons just ready & waiting to be pushed. These buttons are scattered all over & across our energiser bunny jackets.

Imagine the big blue button applies to when you are actually first born onto the planet – it gets pushed to ‘ON’ just by the process of birth. When it does it releases its appropriate & expected baby behaviours ...crying for food, comfort etc , peacefully sleeping when all needs are met.

Then, as you get older, year by year, all the other buttons & subsidiary buttons ( denoting reactions, emotions etc) get pushed by all sorts of other energiser bunnies right across the board. That metal jacket gets a work out! From insignificant individuals in your life to significant ones – all setting off chain reactions; tumultuous webs of conflicting & criss crossing electrical currents ; pent up energies reactively sparking off every which way , down through the jacket into & across the torso affecting the whole body through each of the primary & subsidiary buttons. These buttons include them all – the big, medium, small & teeny multicoloured buttons..

In other words a literal web of cross currents ; setting off a minefield of psychological , emotional disturbances & reactions - almost instantly causing chaos , blackouts, meltdowns & fused wires.

There’s no wonder we break down , get confused , misunderstand, become highly reactive..to name just a few of the effects.

And all this in between & because of trying to satisfy & sustain all the social ‘norms’ of our times, whatever they may be.

There we are, so wanting to be our best, to honour our ‘pre-set’ buttons, to be loved & appreciated for all our efforts, hard work & higher aspirations.

And then, uh oh.... watch out when one bunny ‘ goes off the rails’ – or the wires get jammed & he opts out. Look out! How many of the reactions to this ‘aberrant’ behaviour are genuinely positive or supportive? OR that aberrant behaviour doesn’t unsettle all the other robotic bunnies ?

Yet, in that seeming disconnect , precisely when he is lacking his ‘battery ‘ and his go go behaviour, when he finally pulls off that full metal jacket disconnecting all those primed buttons & crossed wires – he becomes just bunny.

He becomes one with the Soul hidden inside the jacket. Adorable, loveable bunny. Soft, pliable, one whom most of us just want to pick up, cuddle & hold close ; deriving strength & comfort from his simple centredness of just Being. His just Being.

In tune, in flow , stillness in time . Silence.

Can you feel it?

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