Why do I love working with Past lives?
with Susanne Marie

When I was much younger ‘past lives’ and what they meant was out of my range of knowledge at least in this lifetime! Although I had heard people talk about them it was not until it was thrust dramatically into my life that I really looked at what it meant to me.

Within weeks of meeting my second husband over twenty years ago, I started having flash backs to past lives. First just me and later my then husband became part of those very real and often scary spontaneous flashbacks. This was well documented many years ago in two different publications, including Innerself. It led me on a journey of exploration and study over many years. I read many books, talked to many people and did courses and regressions.

It was comforting to know why I had instant strong positive or negative feelings towards certain people. It also helped me to understand why so much of this life I had been searching for something indefinable. It also prompted me to start being true to myself and those around me. After some time it also brought me to discover and learn massage therapies and many alternative therapies including reiki, Thetahealing® and other energy based modalities and to be able to put past lives in that context has been a wonderful adventure.

The motivation of those seeking a past life journey is vastly varied. It is sometimes to discover more about what makes them tick, to find out why they have recurring dreams or ‘memories’ , why they have a particularly strong like or dislike towards certain people or maybe to discover answers for why they have been held back or are constantly ill or injured. Some want to decide where they might travel that would be particularly meaningful for them. All of the above can be addressed and the intention set at the beginning of the session.

One recent client had a strong urge to find out why she had experienced many challenges in her life, including a bad marriage, a messy divorce and young children to raise alone, no job and generally feeling dissatisfied and completely alone, unloved and unloveable in the world. Her childhood in this life was happy with little trauma and the events that led to her recent challenges was puzzling to her. She had felt a lingering undercurrent of something indefinable from an early age. It was becoming more urgent for her to resolve in recent months.

We visited two lives from her past. In the first, she had lived a very tough life and died at an early age. This helped her to see where many of her puzzling feelings had come from, especially when she discovered she was approaching the age at which her former self had died.

The second that we witnessed was a life where things had begun successfully, but changed at a later time so that some of those same feelings from this life arose. She was a successful author in the 18th century when women rarely were successful in that art. At the height of her considerable success she had a choice to meet and be with a wonderful man but in her arrogance at the time chose to ignore him and to continue to be alone... Much later in that life, she realised she could have combined being with someone and being materially and artistically successful, thus being balanced in the way she is now seeking. She realised that the choices she made then led her to those same feelings she has been lately experiencing.

Both of these journeys instantly helped her to see how to change her ideas and attitude and move forward. The session concluded with her having the choice to visit and speak with an angel, an ascended master or a deceased relative. As she moved forward to see who was there, her loved grandfather (now deceased) quickly spoke to her and assured her she is truly well loved and asked her to feel the love that surrounded her. His wife and a number of others all came in to completely surround her with love.

She wept with delight as she experienced this love and was able to feel reassured that she is always loved and always will be. They told her to go forward and follow her passion with confidence and joy. She left determined to do just that with many other insights as well.

This is one example of many that I have witnessed. With my clients we have seen many great lives and many challenging lives. I facilitate healing and belief work as we go and it has helped to change the course of many lives in many positive ways. What a joy to witness every time!!

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