Clear or Crumble
by Debra Bright

When we have emotional upsets or troubles, we have been taught to suck it up and just get over it and move on. So all these pains, upsets, anger etc have not disappeared, they are accumulated within our bodies and especially the heart chakraand they are now full and overflowing and exploding out onto loved ones or whoever is around us -the rages. And this Emotional Baggage, upsets and stresses are repetitively bringing us more and more pain consistently because of the Law of Attraction, until we Clear our alignment.

Everything we are seeing in the news now is from the karmic attraction; lots of house fires - witchhunts; chemo - fire energy; baby boy burn - fire energy, beheadings - past guillotine, being shot - shot in past.

If it is still the not Cleared, it compounds and blocks our energy flow throughout our body, causing our body to Crumble into sickness, flu, depression or further on, developing into maybe Dis-ease!

And Affirmations are causing trauma within the body, as your body/soul is not agreeing with what you mind is enforcing. We need to Clear & realign within.

So, let’s just Clear the body at the Cause of these issues, upsets, anxiety & stresses, in the body/soul Energy Emotional field, to create a good realignment and the change needed to then attract and receive Great Health, Happiness and Bliss into our lives. It’s all about just Clearing issues or your body will Crumble!

I recommend my Daily 5min Chakra Clearing Dance CD or DVD, the first level of Clearing work, as the Chakras continue to fill up daily, and if your not healthy & happy, I can help you Clear with my powerful Clearing Body Attunement sessions (can be done Remotely) or my Clearing Audio CDs are available to play over for ongoingly even better results.

Check out in the In Brief review in this issue of Innerself for my Receiving Love & Soulmate Clearing. Everyone is needing to do this Heart Chakra Clearing, especially if you already have any health issues around the Heart Chakra area or needing more love in your life.

Nothing will change what your now attracting until you choose to Clear or Crumble.

I’m now teaching what I do and also PowerUp Workshops for Counsellors, Psychstrists, Readers, Mediums, Vets and all, to add this extra missing link, Energy Emotional Clearing work of the self sabotages & blocks, to their already good work to achieve even more profound results with their clients.

Go to my website for further Workshop details, get your Chakra Dance CD/DVD or Book a personal healing session, to Clear you into great Health Happiness, Bliss & the Ascension on the Planet.

And while your at my website, I also have a special gift for you, I’m just writing my first book full of fabulous Energy Knowledge, ‘Can’t See It but You Can Sure Feel It’. I have my first 2 Chapters available for you to download for FREE!

In Love, Light, Abundance & Joy,
Debra Bright, aka AbracaDEBRA Public Figure, Psychic TV, Reader, Clearer to Ascension Teacher, World Speaker, Author. Nominee Australian of the Year 2014 & now 2016 Nelson Bay,Sydney,NSW, Australia Phn: 0423 191 084 FB &