Self Acceptance
by Fran Tomlin

Who amongst us completely and utterly accepts themselves, warts n all, on all levels of consciousness even aside from mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually? Think about it, do you accept every single aspect and facet of YOURSELF?

That’s right. That’s why you aren’t enlightened yet. That’s why in my opinion none of us are. Sure we have Master Teachers and enlightened beings who transit and visit the Earth for a sojourn in order to help ‘wake’ us up and signpost ‘the way’. Those rarefied beings are so few and spread incredibly far afield. It’s by no means even the slightest majority of us. And all of us teach best what we most need to learn. We are all learning and in the main, trying to help each other along the way. If we truly loved ourselves, accepted ourselves as perfection incarnate (which at God source we are) we would all individually be in a constant state of Grace, the embodiment of Love. We would then have no wars; we would have passed critical mass to shift the entire planet into the Golden Age.

Like the old adage says “Charity begins at home”. Charity is about love, so superimpose Love for Charity, YOU for home and it would then be “Love begins at/with YOU”. That is the greatest charity you can give yourself. As a ripple effect; everyone else too. None of us have achieved that. No matter how pious or how wonderfully one speaks, or the godly actions one takes… When you’re in bed at 2am and awake all by yourself… There will be something that bugs you, troubles you, niggles at you, that you are just not happy with. And you can trace, (if you care enough to), whatever it is entirely back to you yourself. Whether it’s a perception you beat yourself up about, a reaction that was triggered by someone you can’t forgive, even something physical about yourself… Whatever. Whatever the emotion, the thought, perception or physical effect – it’s all down to you. It’s all stuff that you are not happy about regarding YOU. There’s no love in that. Therefore you don’t fully accept yourself or love yourself. Like it was said before, we are all paddling that canoe (i.e. I could have done this better, I should have done that, etc. etc.)

You can spend years, lifetimes even; peeling onion skin after onion skin, bleeding every torturous would dry, digging, digging back and back further still, uncovering all the reasons why. It helps to understand it – but it doesn’t change it. The planet doesn’t have time for that, literally, and In all honesty, you don’t have time for it either (bearing in mind that no time actually exists. We are all damaged, fractured beings in one way or another. We are here to experience and to come to consciously know our Light, our Beauty, who we really are. The fastest, surest way to that is to accept, simply accept, just as it is, just as the word suggests. Accept all the circumstances in your life as they are, in the NOW. Good, bad, or indifferent, remembering it’s just a story. (In terms of lifetimes you’ve had many stories…) and you survived! Look you’re still here! Not even God can change the past.

When people don’t accept; they get sick, one way or another. Do you want to die simply for righteousness? Would you rather be ‘right’ than let go of whatever it is, and just accept. You should know people have died just by hanging on to the bitter end to entrenched beliefs; refusing not to ‘not to be right’ or ‘justified’. By the way, surrender doesn’t mean ‘giving up in hopelessness or resignation’ – it means handing over to the powers that be greater than yourself… learning the lesson of humility and acceptance.

So simply accept your story such as it is. Release all the grievances that you hold towards anything and anyone, and start to lead a creative, productive experience – when you do that so that it creates a shift in your cells, and by that it’s as if you can feel it in all of your cellular structures – then and only then can you begin to feel the love that’s already there for yourself, and that love will build and grow. Everything and everyone around you, in you, in your body, will become healthier, radiant, in divine flow and you will then live in a state of Grace.

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