Resolving the Conflict Between You and Yourself
By Rachelle Terry

If I asked you if you would like to release your negative habits you would nod your head furiously. If I looked at your aura while you responded, I would see the equivalent of an actor in a pantomime, mouthing, “Nooooooo!” simultaneously.

But you absolutely want to quit this habit, right? Every part of you wants it gone!


You are in fact having an arm wrestle with your subconscious mind which has 20+ years of practice ahead of you. It developed these protective mechanisms long before you could even speak and it’s not giving up without a fight.

Jacqueline had been talking all year about the weight she was going to lose when she started on her fantastic diet. Her family knew the spiel so well they could finish her sentences word for word. The diet never happened and heavy, starchy foods replaced her positive intentions.

When I saw her aura in our first session, I noticed Jacqueline had an unusual pattern. Her consciousness was fragmented and projected outward, about 4 feet in front of her body. This was where Jacqueline was storing her future. I shared this, “Your future never happens”. She replied, “Oh I know! I just wish I could get to my future!” Jacqueline’s eyes lit up as she described her “future”, as if it was a destination or a utopia. What I meant was, the future does not exist – all we ever have is the present moment. For Jacqueline, it seemed the concept of the future was where all her joy was stored. I explained that there was no way Jacqueline would be able to create a better future until she was in the here and now.

In her present i.e. the space immediately around her physical body, was a white, blurry fog. Fog can do great things to disguise discomfort. Our negative behaviours can remain, undetected forever, if they have a nice, fluffy fog within which they can hide. This fog was hiding Jacqueline’s diet sabotaging behaviours. Jacqueline’s subconscious had created this fog in order to protect herself from her own judgment and lack of self worth, resulting from the negative behaviours.

We brought Jacqueline back into her body, returned her missing energy and focus to the present and the next day, raw fresh vegetables and healthy smoothies were her new daily habit. Jacqueline’s energy, health and motivation was of someone who was back and in command of their life. Her future, incidentally, was very lovely, but she was too busy enjoying the present to notice.

Many auric patterns can identify the causes of negative habits. Some (though not all) I have observed include:
- Cords and ties from the navel or heart to either the habit/addiction or the person by which the habit is represented;
- Numbing patterns, which appear as a jelly or plasma like texture to avoid emotions and feelings (especially common in sugar and alcohol addictions);
- Brown, muddy sludge in the aura, especially the liver and gallbladder that will make you feel as fresh as the bottom of a 7/11 coffee machine. (This is indicated where there is excessive sugar and caffeine. The sluggishness leads to a greater desire for stimulants, which leads to greater stagnation, and suppressed anger).

Whether it is a habit of smoking, drinking too much, unhealthy food habits or even losing your temper, you will need a combined effort of consciously improving your level of mindfulness, deciding with conviction to make a change and working with your healer or therapist to clear the old, subconscious patterns that got you there in the first place.

For consultations or more information, see: Rachelle Terry – Medical Intuitive. Rachelle Terry, a Sydney based therapist, has had an ability from childhood to clairvoyantly see the human aura. She works with local, interstate and international clients by means of private consultations and group healings. Wonderful results are experienced after having life, health or relationship patterns cleared and it becomes possible to be in flow again. For phone, Skype or in-person consultations with Rachelle, email: or visit *Baby and child readings also available*