Tired all the time? A Medical Intuitive’s Perspective of Fatigue
By Rachelle Terry

There are so many types of tired. Each one carries with it a unique blueprint which is demonstrated in the energy field.

This is why when I look at a clients energy field, I may describe their states as, “weary”, “heavy”, “foggy”, “lethargic” or “depleted” because each state will appear differently to me.

Just as each pattern will appear differently in the energy field, a very specific state of emotions lead to this block occurring.

If your symptoms are ongoing or chronic, of course it’s important to seek medical assistance to identify the cause as it can be related to other illnesses. So while this article is not diagnostic it may share some observations of emotional/energetic patterns that may be underlying your fatigue.

Below are a couple of examples of the different types of fatigue patterns I have seen:


This is a huge category – I could give as many definitions of stress as there are people because the way it appears in your energy field is simply a reflection of how an event imprinted on your unique energy field and how your defense mechanisms respond to this.

It is quite possible that your fatigue is some sort of stress, be it environmental, physical, illness, nutritional or emotional and so forth.

In a Fog

If you have a cotton wool-like appearance in the head area and the gut area, it can be associated with a yeast/candida imbalance. You may feel foggy, disconnected or distracted (especially after consuming too much sugar or alcohol). The fog is often the same energy block I see in someone who is procrastinating. If you can relate to this pattern, you may want to ask yourself “What am I avoiding in my life due to fear?”

Leaking Bucket Syndrome

This appears as if there is energy leaking out of the system. You may feel that no matter how much you rest or eat, you feel empty, drained and depleted.

It may help to check in with your blood sugar levels. Are you getting enough protein throughout the day or are you on a sugar high/low cycle?

The emotional component of this can be boundary issues. You may want to contemplate, “What is draining my energy and where do I need to set boundaries?”

Power Imbalance

Some clients with a diagnosis of endocrinological issues, including thyroid problems and adrenal fatigue.

These carry with them their own energy patterns such as loss of personal power in the case of underactive thyroid and fear of loss of control, in the case of overactive thyroid.

In the case of adrenal patients it can often be related to overwhelm. You may have felt like you have become a workhorse and disconnected from your purpose, passion or spark of your life/work.

If you relate to this pattern, ask yourself, “What brings me joy?”; “What is causing me to feel overwhelmed?”; and “Where am I experiencing excessive pressure or do I have unrealistic expectations of myself?”.

If you are feeling excessively tired, in conjunction with your physical treatments it might benefit you to seek healing or therapy so that you may move forward in your life and heal yourself on all levels.

For consultations or more information, see: Rachelle Terry – Medical Intuitive. Rachelle Terry, a Sydney based therapist, has had an ability from childhood to clairvoyantly see the human aura. She works with local, interstate and international clients by means of private consultations and group healings. Wonderful results are experienced after having life, health or relationship patterns cleared and it becomes possible to be in flow again. For phone, Skype or in-person consultations with Rachelle, email: auratherapist@gmail.com *Baby and child readings also available*