Lack Consciousness
By Rachelle Terry

“I just don’t want to miss out on getting into the market!” All of Jane’s friends were buying properties. She lusted after unrealistically priced houses and coveted health bloggers and their perfectly toned, Instagramable figures. Jane just wanted to increase her income, buy a property and then she’d be able to get the ever-fit body, have a better relationship with her husband and finally live that perfect life.

The anxiety Jane felt when comparing herself to others was causing a sense of despair, restlessness and dissatisfaction. Viewing her energy field and noticing a blocked pattern in her second chakra (the energy center responsible for craving, attachment and creativity) I shared my observation. “I believe you have contracted a serious case of wantitis.”

Have you ever been in a loop of saying, “Everything will be better when.. ? You just may also have Jane’s condition.

In Sydney there is a distinct culture polarity in a street that joins Kings Cross to Potts Point. The Kings Cross end of the street is infamous for its sexual exploitation of women, illegal gangs and drug deals. At the other end of the street is Potts Point: a leafy, Parisian strip, home to impeccably dressed professionals with designer dogs and luxury cars.

When I lived in the area, on my way to the city each day, I would see people with broken, disturbed and haunted energy fields on the Kings’ Cross strip. This is a phenomenon consistent with the struggle of life on the street, addiction and abuse. The sight of their suffering, on a physical and energetic level, always prompted me to send healing their way.

In my ignorance, I did not do the same for both ends of the street.

From a yogic or Buddhist perspective we are all in suffering but this word can sometimes be confused with the experience of pain. It is better described as an anxiety caused by our attachments. Broadly speaking the Potts Point end of the street was an example of suffering while the other end of the street was an example of pain.

Wantitis is just another form of poverty consciousness and it exists independently of a person’s bank balance. It is a state of suffering manifesting as over concern with image, constant craving for something we don’t have and an anxiety caused by fear of losing what we already have.

When we have wantitis, we are not coming from a place of strength and we are trapped in a cycle of expectation and disappointment.

What are we really craving? I believe it is a deeper connection - to our self, our spirituality and creativity and one another.

The best antidote to wantitis is to first remind ourselves that we are already wealthy. Once we have deactivated our fight/flight, survival states we may then tune in and ask, “What does my soul really need in order to feel rich?” It may be as simple as strengthening your spiritual connection or tapping into your creativity again. Once we identify and address our states of lack in our inner world, we may then be pleasantly surprised to discover improvements and solutions appearing in our outer world.

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