Free up your body pain
by Annie O’Grady

Chances are, you are feeling more pain than you need to, now that Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) has been let loose around the world. Janice tried tapping and now her knee pain is history.

People from all walks of life are reporting less or no chronic physical pain after EFT treatment, plus they learn what to do if the pain returns.

EFT is a simple stress relief healing aid, science-based. You can learn to do it for yourself, and you can also have help from experienced EFT practitioners, in person or on Skype. Drug-free relief from suffering, both emotional and physical, has attracted millions of people around the world to EFT tapping.

In my own practice as an accredited EFT practitioner and trainer, Janice limped into my consulting room bent over and trying not to cry from ‘bone-on-bone’ knee pain she’d suffered from for six months. She’d had to leave work. An hour later she walked out upright and free of pain… with a huge smile on her face.

How did we do that? Surprisingly – we used tapping to dissolve deep angers she had felt for decades. Such a dramatic result does not always happen, but it is not uncommon.

Chronic pain typically has an emotional component, according to modern research

Chronic pain is defined as pain you’ve suffered from for more than 12 weeks. (for new pain, see your doctor.)

Whether the cause of the pain is thought to be car accident, operation, sports injury, burns, illness or something else, physical pain often yields to EFT’s simple fingertap techniques. In all those cases and more, countless people have reported success, either partial or complete.

Natural pain relief often occurs quickly with EFT, but in some cases it may take more persistence.

How does it work? EFT tapping on face and body resonates and soothes a person’s meridian energy system (which acupuncture utilises via needles, although for far fewer possible outcomes, as EFT is also a life management tool).

Harvard Medical School researchers have found that acupressure calms the brain’s fear centre, while another study has demonstrated a 24% reduction in the stress hormone cortisol after just one hour of an EFT tapping session.

Your meridian system is your personal electromagnetic energy system, and it is easily disrupted by stress, both emotional and physical.

U.S. sports performance expert Stacey Vornbrock uses EFT to help athletes minimise physical pain from injury, and to speed recovery. She says, ‘Tapping is a biochemical process that speaks directly to the body, bypassing the conscious mind.’

Boilermaker Ivor had to stop work because of a workplace accident that left him in chronic pain. He could walk only several metres

Ten years after the accident, Ivor had six 1-hour sessions of EFT treatment with me, during which we used tapping to reduce his long-held anger about his situation. After Ivor dissolved years of resentment, he reported that he was then ‘able to walk twice as far’.

Annie O’Grady, author o f‘Tapping Your Troubles Away with EFT’, is a transformation coach, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and master trainer (AAMET). She also works with chronic pain both in private sessions (including Skype) and in groups. Her website is , email annie@EFTemotionalhealing, Mobile 0448 338 289.