Bicycle Fall Leads to EFT tapping
by Annie O’Grady

When Fran fell off her bicycle while riding in the park, she was so shaken up and hurt from a banged and grazed knee, she started worrying that she might have to take a day off work to recover, and would lose some pay.

Fran had recently discovered EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques). She was happy to have tapped away some sadness about a recent relationship. Now she wondered if tapping could help with the aftermath of the bike accident.

She hobbled home wheeling the bike, trying not to cry.

With the little she knew about EFT Fran started tapping the side of her hand and saying, ‘Even though I feel shocked and my knee really hurts, I love and accept myself.’ After she’d finished a few rounds of tapping on acupressure points, she realised she felt calmer.

She had heard that tapping works best when focussed on specifics. So for the next half hour she tapped on different feelings and thoughts she was having about the fall. ‘Even though I should have seen the hole in the track…’, ‘I feel stupid…’, ‘My knee is hurting…’, ‘I’m afraid I’ll lose a day’s pay …’, ‘ I’m scared I’ve really damaged my knee…’

After her half hour of focussed tapping, she was impressed. She felt almost normal. The pain had almost gone.

Fran was so intrigued that she decided to learn more about the amazing technique she had just used to help herself. She booked for one of my internationally-certified EFT tapping 2-day trainings in Adelaide, the introductory Certificate Level 1 course.

Because of the nature of the EFT technique, tapping trainings are more than just sources of leading-edge information on stress-release skills, fascinating though that is.

When trainees leave, they often feel better than when they arrive

This is because even while beginners are doing the simple tapping techniques to learn them, they are working through some of their own problems, quickly.

Trainees are also typically thrilled to be helping someone else do this, in partner exercises.

This prepares them to be able to help family members and friends, even their pets – perhaps immediately the course is over.

My Adelaide Certificate training courses are approved by the world’s largest professional association for tappers, AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques). Trainings comprise Levels 1, 2 and 3 Certificate courses as well as EFT Practitioner Training.

(I also conduct a Chronic Pain Relief EFT Support Group on the second Sunday afternoon every month, at Unley Community Centre, Adelaide.)

Annie O’Grady is an accredited EFT Advanced Practitioner and Master Trainer. She works with clients in Adelaide and on Skype nationally and internationally. Ph. 0448 338 289 Email: