Reiki for life
by Jennifer Short

Reiki was never intended as a healing process. Dr Mikao Usui discovered the healing attributes of Reiki while going through his own spiritual growth. Now he and others have brought Reiki to the world.

You can use Reiki for many purposes, apart from self healing and the healing of others. For instance, did you know you can eat and drink Reiki? You can clear your room with Reiki. There is a specific symbol that can be used to improve your memory. You can charge your bathtub water with Reiki. You can use Reiki energy to help you fall asleep. You can use Reiki to heal past hurts. You can even use Reiki to find something you have misplaced. Use Reiki to wake you up at a specific time like an alarm clock. Reiki can help you find that elusive parking space, charge electrical appliances – even your smartphone – purify your food, reduce side effects in medication and prevent accidents. It literally has no limits. Only we do. When blocks occur, with negative thoughts, doubts and straying from living to the Reiki Principles, Reiki can appear not to work.

It’s vital to ensure the Reiki practitioner is in line with the codes and principles set down generations ago. And then be open to receive the dynamic, powerful yet gentle healing energy that is yours for the asking.

Let’s take a look at seven excellent moments when we can Reiki ourselves. This exercise assumes you have been attuned with the Reiki symbols (Reiki Degree II Level).

1. When you are waiting in a queue;
2. On public transport;
3. While watching TV (especially good when the ads come on);
4. While you’re waiting for your computer to ‘wake up’;
5. Prior to any business meeting where you’ll need a focussed mind;
6. In a lift or on the escalator;
7. Just before you fall asleep at night.
As you can see you can tap into the power of Reiki any time and anywhere you need it.

3 useful and interesting facts about where you can use Reiki
1. You can Reiki your purse or wallet by visualising an energy ball that energises the contents with abundance. Use affirmations like “I am a generous giver and an awesome receiver!”. Use the intention that any negativity around your wallet or purse be discharged leaving it full of love. Love your purse or wallet. Share the love!
2. You can Reiki your mattress before going to sleep. You can imagine it filled with a network of light and golden-white Reiki energy and send your intention that it be discharged into your body throughout the night, as it is needed and all for your highest good. You’ll wake fully rested and energised.
3. You can Reiki your gym gear. You can charge your shoes, workout gear, equipment and bathers by using the power symbol on the inside of your shoes etc.

7 great times to send Reiki
1. After everyone has gone to bed;
2. After sending the kids to school;
3. After making love;
4. After ending a phonecall;
5. After a party or gathering;
6. After a nightmare or unpleasant dream;
7. After guests have left your home.
Anyone can learn and be attuned with Reiki. If you haven’t already, take the first step and get connected to the infinite healing power that is REIKI!.

You can contact Jennifer Short for a Reiki treatment at Powwow Energetics Wellbeing Centre. Or Learn Reiki I, II and Master Level. Jen is also available for Energetic Healing including ‘Inner Child’ Therapy and Space Clearing for home or business. Jennifer and the team at Powwow Energetics are Reiki Masters, 11th in line from Dr Mikao Usui, founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho System bringing natural healing, relaxation and wellbeing. Jennifer is a modern psychic, intuitive counsellor, infant massage instructor, writer and trainer, she focuses on delivering positive messages – through private sessions, published articles, workshops and meditation classes – to encourage free thinking, personal responsibility and self-empowerment. Call 08 8343 3509 or email Website: Located at Suite 10 (upstairs), Unley Towers, 13-23 Unley Rd, Parkside, SA 5063.