with Lorraine Webb

Alcohol addiction in our society is under estimated and the real toll on lives and the damage it does not only to the person but to those that are closely connected is not fully appreciated. Often loved ones feel helpless and have to stand back and watch a loved one self destruct.

Once a person has acknowledged that they are addicted to alcohol and it no longer is controlled but is controlling the person, the next step then becomes a ‘choice’ as to whether they continue on this path of destruction or seek help.

It may seem a simple and obvious choice to someone on the outside yet to the alcoholic this addiction is often their perceived friend and companion, this helps to block out memories and assists the person to stay in denial of the damage on all levels that is occurring.

We are creatures of habit and often the alcohol addiction has become a habit that the person cannot imagine not being a part of their lives. It starts as a relaxant and over time becomes a full blown addiction. Alcohol is also a depressant that sees the person locked into a pattern of behavior that seems as though there is no escape.

Physically the alcohol addiction affects the liver and the kidneys and ultimately the entire system. Excessive alcohol strips the system of the nutrients required, this is exasperated by the fact that chronic alcoholics often don’t eat enough, if at all, and don’t look after themselves making sure they have sufficient vitamin, amino acids, enzymes, and mineral levels.

Curing addiction is about addressing the issues that created the desire to hide in addiction in the first place. Then to address the metabolic disorder and the detox program, as well as addressing the emotional stress and spiritual disconnect. The program that we offer at the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre is a holistic program that encompasses three elements: MIND – BODY – SPIRIT. There is help available.

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Lorraine is an Author, Energetic Healer and Trainer, teaching others how to reach their highest potential. She teaches Spiritual Development and a four module healers course and facilitates the life changing 10 day Uluru Healers Retreat. She developed the very popular Healing the Past, Inner Child workshop and is the author of “Practical Guide to Healing the Inner Child” and has 2 self help CD’s and the “Living and Dying Consciously” DVD.