Creating a Sacred Home
with Elisabeth Jensen

Space clearing your house is a good idea at any time but especially when you move into your new home or apartment or your current one feels heavy and stuck somehow it’s vital really to ensure your future comfort, health and success in life.

It’s really best to start with an empty house when Space Clearing so allowing an extra day for this before Moving Day is a good idea. Even if the house is physically clean it’s good to clean it yourself quickly using natural products where possible as these have a much higher vibration and its good vibrations you are wanting to create! A real enthusiast will even wash all the inside walls where possible using a mixture Orange and Lavender pure essential oil and Sea Salt in warm water as this clears out the energy vibrations of the previous owners besides giving your home a heavenly aroma - at least do this in the bathrooms, toilet, kitchen and laundry.

To create a Sacred Home know that intention is everything when you are working with energy so hold the mindset as you do this that all energy that is no longer needed will float out the open windows. Prior to starting cleaning the house it’s a great idea to see yourself in a big Rainbow Bubble of Light otherwise you might end up with a feeling of sudden emotional energy overload as you can inadvertently take on heavy energy yourself into your Energy Field & body. As you empty the vacuum cleaner or throw the water out it’s better to place or release all waste outside the house – empty the bucket of water into an outside drain and see any sadness or despair that was in the house released back into the earth for transmutation into positive energy.


Many people like to buy a bundle of dried sage from a Health Food or Metaphysical Shop then light it and allow the flame to go out, then while it’s still smoking walk from room to room waving it around while imagining the smoke taking any negativity out the open window or door. Personally I can’t bear the smell of Sage and often end up with a headache and much prefer censing with Frankincense Resin – you will see this happening in some more traditional churches or temples – and I find this is great to really clear both negative energies plus any unwanted spirits in your house. The Frankincense can be burnt on charcoal in a special censor or just in an old saucepan works well too.

Therapeutic Grade organic essential oil of Sacred Frankincense works well too in a diffuser or oil burner but this isn’t quite enough by itself. Add 10 drops each of Frankincense, Rosemary, Lemon and Juniper to spring water in a Spray Bottle and simply spray each room while mentally banishing all that is negative and sad out the window. Of course if you have unhappy spirits in your home you often still need to do more meditation work here or ask a professional medium to assist you to send them to The Light.


Our Opening Ceremonies today for new buildings comes from ancient Egypt where every part of every building was Blessed and had its” Mouth Opened” or was brought to life by the Temple Priests or Priestess. That is the appropriate Egyptian Gods and Goddesses would be invoked to infuse positive energy into the building which would then be seen as Animated or Alive and be able to breathe and exist as an independent positive Divine Entity.

So to bring your home to life it’s great to sit quietly and burn a candle in the living room while seeing the sun shining lots of bright light into and all around your home. Then see the Earth beneath your house and in the garden suddenly seeming to come to life as if in a children’s Faerie Story – you are aware of faeries in the garden, earth gnomes appear outside on the grass and Angels join you in the living room. The whole house seems to breathe a great sigh of relief as you realise its alive with a great personality and waiting for you to move in and start really loving it!

Then request your own God or Goddess to Bless your house and of course a statue of the Virgin Mary, Buddha, Eastern Goddess Kuan Yin or Egyptian Goddess Auset/isis will bring a calming and nurturing feel to your home. Remember if you place any sacred objects or statues in your new home you need to “activate” them or ask for the energy and blessing of the Divine to be in them.


A short meditation and visualisation to imagine yourself in three months’ time living a Dream Life in your Dream Home will set the energy for this to happen. Finally do bring that exciting vision back to the present time so your big Move In Day will go well and your freshly cleared home will stay that way. Welcome Home to your Sacred Home !

ELISABETH JENSEN is the founder of Auset Temple Healing and she teaches her Isis Mystery School, Hypnosis & Angel Miracles Courses worldwide. As the former Property Psychic for News Corp she is an expert at Distance House Clearings & Energy Assessments. Read more on her new website or call our Adelaide Office on 08 83874318