Freedom or Slavery
by Anthony Craig

The planet is in turmoil. It’s a good time to ask what is happening with people and why? Where do we, as supposedly awakened people, fit in and are we doing our job properly, acting responsibly? Are we free or enslaved?

Look around: changing weather conditions globally, physical wars over property and countries that are affecting innocent populations, a refugee crisis worldwide, economic stresses, financial collapses and debts spiralling out of control. On an individual level we see increased friction in relationships, higher anger levels, drug crises, more people struggling to live day by day, and spiralling debt. There is an increasing separation of the haves and have nots. Most money is controlled by less than 1 per cent of the population. Many people are feeling more despondent about achieving what they see as their freedoms and happiness – lifestyle and home ownership. More people feel enslaved to their work as a means for survival – to exist rather than create happiness.

It’s time to take a serious look at ourselves and the purpose of the human race. Where do we as individuals fit in? Can we really be responsible for our lives? Why are we standing by and allowing the rape of ourselves and the planet to continue? Why are we allowing suffering to increase? Can we really do anything about it? Are we part of some huge experiment? Is it orchestrated by a few or by another alien civilisation? With the recent scientific discoveries that are happening on a universal scale we must be more open to why we are here?

Governments of the day everywhere are becoming more controlling? Why is this so? Where is the real power behind? We must remember that people with power and real money are excellent manipulators- masters of diversion and confusion. One simplistic example of diversion occurred when the US Government passed through legislation including the Monsanto Bill which had major effects on the population whilst the public was reacting to proposed legislation on Gay marriages. Now the Australian government is keeping public sentiment alive over the same issue. What other legislation are they looking to pass under the smokescreen? Are our freedoms being eroded by governments in the name of protecting our freedom, while our armed forces are apparently fighting for our freedom elsewhere? We must all act with due diligence.

Let’s look at slavery in the modern world. From the start of the Industrial revolution we have seen examples of physical slavery – poor peoples, conquered peoples, and racial slavery. Then we began to see religious slavery followed by institutional slavery. Most still exist today. We now see a new insidious form of slavery – financial and economic. And what is the most significant symptom? Increasing debt.

The world economic systems are designed to increase debt. Paper money that is printed automatically has a debt attached to it. All financial transactions incur a debt of some sort, including those made with phantom money. There is no escaping debt in the current world monetary systems. Even on death debt is passed on and so continues. In the western world in particular and now increasingly in other areas such as Asia a materialistic lifestyle is encouraged. Why? To promote ongoing debt by living beyond your means.

Where do we as readers of this newspaper or as practitioners fit in? Are we the so called ‘new age’ people? I think we have multiple responsibilities. In the middle ages people were burnt at the stake for their beliefs. In a metaphoric way this is still happening? Practitioners and people with ‘alternative’ beliefs and lifestyles are still singled out. Many groups have become cliques or societies that only communicate within thereby increasing their difference. Others display their wares and skills but become entangled within the differentiating label of ‘mind, body, psychic’. Science and spirituality are moving back together now and so opens an opportunity for people to move away from the ‘alternative’, ‘hippie’, ‘love’ tag. Education is important and needs to be given with appropriate scientific support, no matter the field. New ways to provide information to the general public must be created thus narrowing the gap between ‘us’ and ‘them’ . With the internet and many forms of information sources available, the question is who and what is true and can be believed.

New age, spiritual people have a lot to answer for. We must be careful to act in ethical ways that do not support the political and financial environments of the moment. The advent of the abundance projects (led by The Secret- unfortunately our application became self serving) saw a wave of promises made but, in reality, saw changes in very few. Likewise the concept of Universal Love and Oneness saw many people jumping on the bandwagon without fully understanding it themselves. Many promised changes in families and the world were not seen, only an increase in violence. Just these two concepts alone have not added to our public standing and credibility in general; while maybe increasing debt.

It is important though to embrace change when it is supported by science, for example: beyond energy healing such as Spectra Healing, while creating an inclusive society. It is TIME TO WAKE UP before it’s too late. Get up and out and meet your fellow man and neighbours. Unless we are all abundant the problems above will continue.

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