with Elisabeth Jensen

As a Researcher of Spiritual Healing plus being trained as a Registered Nurse and Midwife plus a Healer myself I have studied in depth many of the major healing systems in the world today including Therapeutic Touch (which has multiple PhD Research studies behind it)plus past and present Healers before creating my own spiritual healing system. So when I first heard of John of God many years ago, often said to be the most powerful healer for 2,000 years, I decided I really had to go to Brazil to meet him one day.

The visit didn’t seem possible though financially and time-wise but after attending a three day healing event in Sydney last November with John of God - as Joao De Deus is usually called in the western World -I discovered I was constantly surrounded by many Spirit Doctors, many of whom were actually Medical Doctors in their own lives and who seemed quite happy to join with the Angels and Egyptian Divinities I already worked with to provide remarkable healing for my clients. So needing to know more about this amazing man and connect and understand further the Benevolent Entities who now surrounded me off I set with a few fellow healers to Brazil at the end of June 2015.

I was lead to be guided there by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich who wrote the first book about John of God – the Miracle Man, The Life Story of Joao De Deus – that made him famous and started a worldwide trend of patients often deemed so called “hopeless cases” seeking healing at his Spiritual Hospital in Abadiania in Brazil. According to Robert, who has lived close to the Casa of John of God for many years now, plus much work by other researchers as well, the cure rate for advanced cancers and major neurological disorders is about 85% - certainly much better than our conventional hospital system offers today!

As a Medical Intuitive who often feels the pain of others plus with my background as a Registered Nurse its not so easy to stand in a line with several hundred people and look around to see and sense so many people who obviously are undergoing major radiation and chemotherapy treatments with some people seeming to be in great discomfort but surprisingly there is such an undercurrent of hope and excitement that the prayers led by the volunteers seem powerful enough to carry everybody forward smoothly. Time spent in consulting John of God personally is very brief usually with all conversations with him only in Portugese - but enough for the Healing Entity incorporated in his body to prescribe treatment such as Herbs or a Spiritual Surgery/ Intervention or rarely a Physical Surgery.

I received several Spiritual Interventions also known as Spiritual Surgeries. A few minutes of prayer by specially trained volunteers with John of God in the background was enough to land me in bed with a severe headache for several days! Bed rest is encouraged for a day or so and I truly felt as if my head was being completely reordered but as my aim was to repair the damage and possible future problems from several major Sub Arachnoid Brain Haemorrhages many years ago that had left me partially paralysed at the time and never fully recovered so I was not surprised. Certainly now the symptoms I was experiencing for many years are gone and I feel truly renewed and much more at peace in my life.

My friend requested and received physical surgery – a deep wound to her abdomen with a clean, but certainly not sterile knife, plus a burst of energy from the hand of John of God placed right inside her abdomen as she stood calmly against a wall with no anaesthetic. There was no pain in the coming days either until I removed the sutures which made her scream loudly despite my best efforts to be gentle.

I would say that Spiritual Surgery or Intervention is certainly the easiest treatment that appears to be just as effective as Physical Surgery although there are numerous documented cases of people who receive a physical mark on their body during this “no touch” process or on X-ray were seen to have sutures inside their body following it.

The Casa de Dom Inacio is built over many powerful naturally occurring rock crystals and each day many experienced and new volunteers and mediums pray continuously for 3 – 4 hours morning and afternoon each day of the 3 days a week as John of God works offering healing for free to all who care to attend his Spiritual Hospital. I think it’s the combined efforts of John of God as a natural healer plus the thousands of Spiritual Doctors who work with him plus the healing prayers and meditations of so many people in this high energy crystal vortex that leads to many dramatic healing outcomes as people release years of emotional, spiritual and physical pain and finally are healed.

ELISABETH JENSEN is now a Daughter & Medium of The Casa of John of God plus an Official Casa Guide. For information about her 2016 Group Pilgrimage to meet John of God in Brazil please visit her website . Elisabeth is the founder of Auset Temple Healing (formerly Isis Mystery School) and a Triple Award Winning Psychic.