with Elisabeth Jensen

Spirit Doctors are amazing to work with and they seem to specialise in helping certain types of disorders and disease processes that are otherwise impossible or difficult to heal with our current medical and energy healing treatments. I personally work closely with Ancient Egyptian Spirit Doctors plus have experienced and often observed the healing methods of the Spirit Doctors who work through John of God, the famous full trance healing medium in Brazil known as Medium Joao.


These were the ancient Medical Doctors who did surgery and prescribed medicinal herbs and Essential Oils in Ancient Egypt or were Spiritual Healing Priestesses and Midwives. Very different to Divinities and Angels who mainly work with different colours and vibrations of Divine Energy plus respond to our prayers.

Egyptian Spirit Doctors firstly need a Healing Medium to work through – they need to transmute their powerful energy first then they use this energy to perform healing on the patient by transforming their energy to a much higher vibration. It’s much more intense than say just working with Universal or Reiki Energy and the Spirit Doctors seem to use this energy almost as a fluid to wash the patients Physical and Energy Body clean before performing Spiritual or Psychic Surgery. Spiritual Surgery is a gentle enough energy healing process but with Psychic Surgery the patient often feels very relaxed and aware of energy moving through them although later often feels very tired as if they have had Physical Surgery and need a few days to rest and recover.

I have experienced a patient’s whole spine seem to move and straighten or a painful neck just suddenly click into place with these Spirit Doctors and I usually combine them with Healing Energy from the Ancient Egyptian Divinities.


The Spirit Doctors from the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil are very highly evolved Spirits who have been Medical Doctors, Saints or Healing Priests in past incarnations. They work through the body of Medium Joao but when he is seeing patients many mediums sit in meditation in a Healing Current and the Spirit Doctors make use of their combined energy as well.

The Spirit Doctors firstly incorporate into Medium Joao’s body and he goes into a deep trance and takes on the personality of the Spirit – so for instance he will be very straight to the point and stern when with Dr Augusto, who used to be a Military Doctor, arrives to perform amazing physical surgery using scalpels and instruments or else just giving invisible surgery.

There is another dimension just parallel but hidden to us humans where more Spirit Doctors can transfer a wave of energy that puts the patient into a type of deep Mesmeric Trance using this Spiritual Anaesthesia so no pain is felt during the physical or spiritual surgery even as sutures are inserted into the person afterwards. X-rays have often shown physical sutures in place put there by the Doctors after a healing then later dissolved.

Again the processes are all completed by taking invisible energy fluid (Ectoplasm) from the Mediums body and energy field then transmuting it to create positive change in the patient’s body. So a request needs to be placed to the Spirit Doctors, then a Medium needs to be in deep or unconscious trance for the Process to be successfully completed.

Of course it’s more complex than that but this information comes from research on the subject plus direct observation. The Spirit Doctors show me psychically what they do but they don’t choose to reveal all their secrets!


This is the other amazing thing – The Spirit Doctors know ALL about each person so sometimes they will instantly heal a father who has children to support so he can return to work, but not heal an another person who keeps coming with a list of complaints but not much insight into himself, then totally heal another person first time who has cleared their Karma and truly wants to be healed. I have had a client rapidly healed of Cancer simply through a bright White Light that appeared to them just after a Distance Healing request was given to John of God on their behalf.

So finally yes, the Spirit Doctors are wise and all-knowing with a powerful energy they know how to use to instantly create healing for humans at any given moment if they so choose. Their knowledge comes from the Akashic Records plus from Divinities and God/Source. Their wisdom mostly seems to be their own evolved consciousness that is full of Light and never ending compassion for us humans here on Earth School.

Crystals are another source of Light and Energy for the Spirit Doctors and I have a Crystal Light Bed brought home from the Casa and the moment I switch it on I feel it act as a portal to bring the Spirit Doctors instantly from Brazil/Spirit to my healing location.

ELISABETH JENSEN is an Authorised Guide and Medium of the Casa of John of God and leads Healing Pilgrimages there – next in October 2016. Elisabeth is the Principal of Auset Temple Healing and teaches Auset Egyptian Healing. For more information, please call 1300558075 or visit