with Cinzia Vuat

Dear Cinzia please can you see any plans for my fiancé and my new home?
Thank you Katie

Dear Katie
I am being told by spirit guides that you are eagerly searching to buy a home I can see you researching houses on a computer, but your fiancé wants to wait until 2017
Your fiancé is correct the best time to buy will be after March April 2017 in fact your guides say you will purchase land and build a beautiful 2 storey Town House with all the trimmings and it will be within your budget ! Good luck Katie lots love Cinzia

Dear Cinzia
Can you help me I have had a spirit ghost living at my home for years. It all has been good but I'm just wondering why it's here and why it doesn't move on. I am not frightened of it but I have tried to have a spirit energy clearer come home and even a priest, but it's still here what should I do Please Debra Grange

Dear Debra
This darling spirit has been with you for years and I feel adores you and your family and has become part of your family
It may be that your both ready now to move on and let go of one another which definitely will allow this beautiful spirit to journey onward onto the Astral plane toward its heavenly pursuit. Guide it with gentle conversation to take this path letting it know as you speak to it addressing it by its name that you are always here if and when it chooses to psychically reconnect with you perhaps to pass on a message of love and guidance to you. Have this conversation everyday until you feel this precious spirit energy has moved on to the Astral plane Please let me know how you go darling Debra and if you need me I'm only a phone call away text is the best way to get me. My love Cinzia

Dear Cinzia
Please could you tell me if I will fall pregnant soon. My fiancé and I are trying and I'm feeling a bit anxious as I'm 37 years old and some of my friends have experienced difficulty and have had to depend on IVF
I appreciate your help and any insight you can give please thank you Deb colonnades

Dear Deb
My guides who are passing on information from your guides tell me you are either just become pregnant or just about to become pregnant. It's truly an exciting beautiful time for you and your extended family parents and in laws.
You will not need IVF !
Dear Deb Please let me know ASAP the great news my love always Cinzia

Dear Cinzia
You are truly Amazing I have recently unexpectedly got married. after 10 years with my partner who was adamant he would never marry, He spontaneously proposed with a gorgeous diamond ring . We went on a getaway with our closest family and friends and had tropical island wedding and honeymoon! It was just as you had described when I sent you my question . Thank you, you gave me hope Sharnee

Dear Sharnee
Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! Wow that's fantastic news ! God bless you guys, you truly have earned this committed precious love. Continue to cherish the love you receive from one another with deep spiritual love and awareness. My love always Cinzia

As a child Cinzia suffered from selective mutism, frightened to speak, her healing search began and intensified after a near-death experience resulted in awakening her uncanny psychic ability, now a psychic medium Cinzia is available to Innerself readers who have a pressing question they would like answered. Please indicate in any email whether you give permission for extracts to be published and pseudonym if required. Reply emails also welcome. Phone: 0410 456 540